Good or apolitical companies to support


Please first refer to our boycott page to decide which companies to avoid. If a company is not mentioned on that page, then there's a good chance that they are apolitical and thus can be supported. When faced with a choice of companies that are all on the boycott list, pick the one that you find least offensive. Some people have asked for a separate list of companies to support, and so here it is. Keep in minds that the number of apolitical companies is just too numerous to list. These are just a few of the larger companies to consider. This is very, very far from being an all-inclusive list...



h Bank with a credit union, or apolitican regional or local bank. This would be your first choice.

fist Comerica Bank - Dallas-based. Perhaps the least offensive of the big banks. Employees and PAC donations favor Republicans. However, Comerica donated 1 million dollars to assist black-owned small businesses, thus discriminating against all other skin pigmentations. Otherwise, Comerica appears to be apolitical. Use only as a last resort.



Ashley Home Store - We love this company! Furniture, kitchen, bath, baby, lighting, etc. Headquartered in rural Wisconsin. - (Much less offensive than Amazon) - General merchandise - Overstock posted what we believe is just a lip service webpage to appease the BLM mob. Overstock heavily favored donations to Republicans from 2006 to 2018, however, 2020 donations to either party were miniscuel. Overstock is nowhere near as offensive as Amazon, so if you're looking for an 'big box' online store, we recommend

fist CVS - (Less offensive than Amazon) General merchandise - (Less offensive than Amazon) General merchandise

fist t 2nd Walgreens - (see our detailed review of Walgreens) - Walgreens is certainly not our first choice. But, we feel that Walgreens is at least a better choice than Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others.



h Duluth Trading - Trump/Pence supporters.

h Jockey - Small number of donations heavily favor Republicans. No woke nonsense that we can find. Headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Buy direct from or a Jockey outlet store! DO NOT buy from Macy's, Target, Kohl's or JC Penny, as they are all on our boycott list!

fist Russell Athletic, Fruit of the Loom, Spalding - Owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Donations have historically favored Republicans. However, Berkshire Hathaway committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit. The company has also done some pandering to BLM, and has talk of climate change nonsense. But, beggars can't be choosers in this rabidly woke industry. You certainly don't want to support Under Armour, VF Corp, Gap Brands, and the rest of the offensive companies.

fist Hanes - Owns Champion - Hanes posted a message about "systemic racism" and announced that they made "a donation" to the NAACP. This announcement was met with anger from consumers. Hanes also has a webpage about "diversity and inclusion", and about climate change nonsense. But, Hanes is not as woke as the rest of this industry and Hanes are heavy Republican donors. Shop with Hanes only as a last resort. Shop with Duluth Trading and Jockey first. Then, as a last resort, consider Russell Athletic, Fruit of the Loom, Spaulding and, as a very last resort, Hanes.



h Great American Outdoors Group owns Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman's Warehouse, White River Marine Group and Our Nature Resorts. Appear to be apolitical companies.


CONSUMER ELECTRONICS - Consumer electronics, home essentials, home appliances. Milwaukee-based. Almost no political donations in 2020. - While not perfect, is a better alternative than Amazon for electronics, including cameras. - Do NOT support this company. We are told that NewEgg drop ships some merchandise via We don't do business with under any circumstances! NewEgg is reportedly owned by the Chinese company, Hangzhao Liaison Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd.



Menards Hardware - Historically heavy Republican donors, but starting to waiver. Still carries MyPillow! Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based.

Ace Hardware - As a whole, Ace employee/PAC donations are more Republican leaning than Democrat. Gave away 1 million flags. - (Not as offensive as Amazon) - Not just hardware. Kitchen, bed, bath, furniture, etc. Co-founder, once supported Trump, then fell for the media's Capitol protest lies about Trump. Home Depot's store in Minneapolis flew a pride flag and was handing out black lives matter signs, thus promoting Marxism. Home Depot donated 1 million dollars to Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. We give HD credit for the fact that employee and/or PAC donations favor Republicans, and for not caving into the left-wing mob's demands to denounce Georgia's voting integrity bill.

h - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Casper, Wyoming. - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Oklahoma. - Electrical, plumbing, heating, tools for professionals. Based in Oklahoma. - Farm and home store, including laundry detergent, pet food, toys, etc.



RSP (ticker symbol) by Investco - By investing in an equally-weighted S&P 500 index fund, you only invest about 1.1% in the big five tech tyrants, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which will generally represent 22.5% of an index fund that is weighted based on market cap. Best of all, RSP has outperformed the S&P market cap index over the last 1, 2 and 5 years.

ACVF (ticker symbol) - The American Conservative Values ETF is said to "Boycott companies that are hostile to conservative values". Comparable to the S&P 500, it's blended large caps. Holdings are far from perfect. Many holdings are on our boycott list, but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to investing. At least there's no Facebook, Apple or Google. This ETF is less offensive than a cap-weighted S&P 500 ETF. Another alternative is to buy individual stocks, however, you would need to buy about 20 to 30 different companies in order to reduce your risk. Rebalancing could be tedious when you have to make this many trades and report all of it on your taxes.



(Note: If you don't mind a privately held brokerage, then go with FirstTrade.

Otherwise, pick the least offensive major brokerage. All of the major brokers are far from perfect!)

FirstTrade - If you don't mind a privately held brokerage, then FirstTrade is not offensive at all! They use BMO Harris Bank (not some bank that's on our boycott list), and they appear to be apolitical.

fist Ally Invest - Ally Invest is a mixed bag. On the bright side, they do not use JP Morgan Chase to hold customer cash. They use Apex Clearing. So far, Ally Invest does not offer the globalist ESG ratings on securities. On the downside, they are a 'woke' company that boasts about being obsessed with diversity and inclusion, AKA inherently having to sometimes exclude Caucasians just for the sake of meeting a race quota. Only 55% of employee and PAC donations went to Republicans in 2020, which is far less than those of InteractiveBrokers or Schwab.

r Zachs Trade - You can think of Zach's and Interactive Brokers as one and the same. Zachs Trade uses Interactive Brokers LLC, to provide custodial banking through JP Morgan Chase, who we boycott. If you use Zachs Trade, then in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your account. Either invest it or transfer it to your bank account. Zach's mirrors InteractiveBrokers' ESG policies.

r InteractiveBrokers - You can think of Zach's and Interactive Brokers as one and the same. InteractiveBrokers is a mixed bag. On the bright side, their employees and PAC's have a stellar donation record. A solid 87.6% of donations went to Republicans in 2020. However, IB uses JP Morgan Chase as their custodial bank. InteractiveBrokers also uses ESG to rate companies. At least, so we are told, they do not use ESG to rate their own customers, as Merrill Lynch does. If you use InteractiveBrokers, then in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your account. Either invest it or transfer it to your bank account. We rate InteractiveBrokers as a slightly better choice than Charles Schwab.

r gun Charles Schwab (owns TD AmeriTrade) - Schwab is a mixed bag. On the bright side, Schwab employees and PAC's have a solid donation record (84% to Republicans). On the downside, Schwab uses JP Morgan Chase as their custodial bank (when you park cash in your account). If you have an existing Schwab account, tell them to STOP using JP Morgan Chase. Also, if you use Schwab, then in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your Schwab account. Either invest it or transfer it to your bank account. Do NOT open a banking/checking account with Schwab (JP Morgan Chase will be your bank). Also, Schwab charitable suddenly cut off donations to the NRA. If you are a staunch gun supporter, then you might want to skip doing business with Schwab.



h Uline - Online office supplies and more. Stellar donation record.



Atwoods -

Rural King - - -



fist t Whirlpool - (also owns Maytag, KitchenAid, Consul, Brastemp, Amana, Bauknecht, Jenn-Air, Roper, Indesit and other major brand names.) - Whirlpool has committed to OneTen, a woke scheme to specifically hire only more black employees, AKA one race over merit. Pride tribalism tweets. On the bright side, Whirlpool is headquatered in Berrien County, Michigan, where 53.7% voted for Trump in 2020. Donations favor Republicans. GE is more offensive than Whirpool.



t New Balance Athletic - Shoes, clothing, more. Stellar donation record. However pushing climate change nonsense.

t Dr. Scholls shoes - Appears to be owned by an apolitical company in Yellow Wood Partners.


BEAUTY - Seems to be apolitical.

Revlon -

Chi -



iHerb - Vitamins. Seems to be apolitical.



The Beard Club - -



h - Arts and crafts. Store display encouraged voters to vote for Trump

h Sheetz - East coast convenience store. Big Republican supporters.

h Bang Energy Drink (Vital Pharmaceuticals) - Donated 250K to America First Action

h Yuengling Beer - Trump / Republican supporters

h Molson / Miller / Coors - Beer. Solid donation record.

h MyPillow - Sheets, bedding, towels, etc.



h Gab - The only free speech platform. Facebook-style layout and functionality.

h GETTR - Twitter-style layout and functionality. Launched by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller.

h Brave browser - Stop using Firefox, InternetExplorer, Edge, etc. Don't use the Brave search engine, which produces left-wing propaganda results (NY Times, CNN, the Guardian, CBS, etc).

h - Register domains, web hosting, etc.

h - Hosting, development and advertising. Owned & operated by conservatives. Starting at $99 per month (50 GB storage), this is not for your average Joe consumer's website.

h GiveSendGo - Fundraising without Big Tech canceling you

h SubscribeStar - Fundraising without Big Tech canceling you

h Brave - Web browser

h 4conservative - Search engine. Not perfect though.


COMMUNICATION - Mobile phone service

Ooma - Use instead of landline



h Jimmy Johns - Sandwiches

h Dominoes - Heavy Republican donors


Buffalo Wild Wings

Dunkin Donuts

Rusty Taco

Goya Foods - The CEO Robert Unanue is the lone good guy. The company's majority 9 member board voted to censure thier CEO, then laughably claimed that "politics is not part of our business". Until the 'woke' leftists are removed from the board of directors, we cannot support Goya.

h Publix - South/East regional grocery chain was targeted for boycott by leftists.



h Trump Resorts - Owned by the greatest president in history

h Sands Resorts -

Motel 6 - - Home sharing - Home sharing - Home sharing



Life Fitness - No 'woke' nonsense that we can find. Seems to be politically neutral.

Equinox -

SoulCycle -



h UFC - Dana White supports Trump.

h WWE - Supports Trump


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