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The fake news media's post-assassination attempt gameplan revealed:


1) Blame Trump for his own assassination attempt, call for civility on BOTH sides [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

2) Try to distance democrats from the never-Trumper shooter, find a way to cast him as 'right-wing'

3) Blame guns, Trump's stance on guns for his own assassination [1 , 2]

4) Cover up and cast any FBI investigation into USSS corruption as 'right-wing conspiracy theory'

5) Adamantly dismiss the Biden administration's incitement to assassinate Trump as 'MAGA talk', conspiracy theory [1, 2]

6) Miraculously blame right-wing media for the assassination attempt

7) Cast Trump as 'capitalizing' on the assassination attempt, and as not a victim [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

8) Express concern that voters might be 'distracted' by the assassination attempt and then vote for Trump

9) Avoid talking about democrats who have incited violence against Republicans (Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Jon Tester, Eric Holder, Dan Goldman, Kathy Griffin, Lincoln Project, etc)

10) Declare that we may never know the shooter's motives even though it's self-explanatory [1]

11) Declare Trump's injury as minor, insignificant. Point out that he wasn't actually killed

12) Stolen valor: Allow Biden to speak to the nation on live TV instead of Trump [1, 2]

13) Warn of impending MAGA retaliatory violence against Democrats [1]

14) False flag! It never happened! [1]

15) Display images of Trump that do NOT show the bandage on his right ear.

16) His ear bandage is too big [1]

17) Return to their regularly scheduled vile anti-Trump propaganda as quickly as possible [1, 2]


Fake news media machine pivots to prevent Trump from becoming a hero/martyr: Assassination attempt, loud noises, shooting, shots fired, apparent gunshots, gunshots rang through the crowd











Flashback from NBC 'news':




Facebook/Instagram stops election meddling... for now

7/12/2024 - After more than 3 years of election meddling, Meta removed its Marxist penalties and restrictions on Donald Trump’s social media accounts. But, we all know that if Trump were to post something that goes against left-wing groupthink, the censorship will start all over again. Hopefully, Trump will continue to NOT use these two meta-owned platforms. We use Truth Social, Gab, and Gettr.


Woke Tractor Supply company wakes up after backlash

After disrespecting their customer base with ESG, D.I.E, race quotas, race-mongering, pride tribalism, and climate goals, there was a consumer backlash. Our boycotts work! The company then pledged to stop sponsoring Pride tribalism events, they're eliminating D.I.E., carbon emission goals, etc. That doesn't make them 'better' than the 'good' companies that we recommend. Instead shop at Murdochs.com, Atwoods.com, LockeSupply.com, RuralKing.com, and FleetFarm.com. Let Tractor Supply become the next Bud Light!


Another verdict, but a different tone

When Trump gets convicted by a Kangaroo Manhattan court, it's Orangeman Bad!!! When Hunter Biden's verdict came down, the tone changed. The fake news media rushed to defend Hunter and resume attacking Trump. It's all another reminder to cut the cable. Stop financially supporting propaganda.


Disney-owned ABC's positive spin. We all support the Biden crime family:



Unlike the Trump trial, AT&T-owned CNN thinks the whole Hunter trial was a waste of time:



NBC immediately managed to spin the Biden case into an attack on Trump! Orangeman Bad!



Sending Trump to prison is just step one of the dem's plan

When Putin sent Alexei Navalny to prison, that was just step one. Step two was to kill him. Similarly, Democrats have introduced a bill to strip Donald Trump of his Secret Service protection if he lands in prison.


How to respond to Marxist democrat party tyranny:

A pack of democrat wolves in Manhattan do not decide elections. The people do. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!



ABOVE: Mainstream media propaganda


Cracker Barrel paying the price!

5/24/2024 - Cracker Barrel faced boycotts after pushing pride tribalism. Apparently the boycotts worked. Dividends were slashed from $1.30 per share to 25 cents a share. Stock is down 20%. Get woke, go broke.


Company D.I.E. Policies: Damned either way

4/21/2024 - Company D.I.E. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policies violate Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and turn companies into lightning rods for litigation. If you were discriminated against based on your race, you should file a lawsuit against any company that adopts these racist policies. Not only are whites filing discrimination lawsuits (and winning) but blacks are also filing lawsuits. A lawsuit was filed against Al Roker and his company for violating their own racist D.I.E. policies by allegedly not hiring enough black people.


Boycott the NorthFace and parent company, VF Corp

The NorthFace keeps supporting LGBTQ summer camps for kids as young as 12. They donated a whopping $70,000 to "Brave Trails" where kids as young as 12 are encouraged to participate in drag shows.


D.I.E. does not boost company profitability

After review by Econ Journal Watch, the claim by consulting firm McKinsey that diversity, inclusion and equity policies increase a company’s profitability does not hold water.


Boycott New York

Truckers are boycotting New York. Kevin O'Leary is never doing business again in New York. You too can boycott New York.


The persecution of Trump is no different than the persecution of Putin's opposition leader Alexei Navalny


2/16/2024 - Putin will never have to face off against Alexei Navalny in any election. Putin jailed him and just had him killed. Here in American, it's the same cut-throat politics but in a different form. Democrats haven't yet been able to murder Trump, but they are using every dirty trick to prevent him from becoming president. They have weaponized the court system. The only thing that has allowed Trump to weather the storm is his enormous wealth. Democrats also monopolize the media, and they have academia and Hollywood on their side. Orangeman bad! Fortunately, voters can see though it all.


Kangaroo Court: One democrat judge decides Trump is guilty


2/16/2024 - A partisan never-Trumper judge named Arthur Engoron (D) just conveniently decided that Trump is guilty and he decided that Trump must pay 354.9 million dollars. Even with a jury in New York, where 90% of voters are rabid democrats, Trump could never have gotten a fair trial. This is the very definition of a Kangaroo court. Fortunately, the voters can see through it. There is only one choice: Trump 2024.


Media rushes to attack Tucker Carlson over Putin interview


Maybe there's another side of the Russia/Ukraine story that the war-mongering media won't report on. Maybe the things that Colonel Douglas MacGregor has been saying all along about the conflict are sensible. Instead of celebrating independent journalist Tucker Carlson as a champion of free speech, in predictable fashion, the mainstream media showed their Marxist/authoritarian colors by attacking him. Why? Tucker Carlson is a threat to globalist narratives and the mainstream media's control of leftist narratives. The media wants to quash opposing views, facts, etc. Here are a few quick examples....


"Putin walks away with propaganda victory after Tucker Carlson’s softball interview" -- CNN


Meanwhile, Newsweek tried to trick their readers by falsely reporting that the Putin interview was only available 'exclusively' as part of a paid subscription on Tucker Carlson's website.


"Putin Used Tucker Carlson to Wipe The Kremlin’s Floor" -- Rolling Stone, formerly a music zine


"Putin interview with Tucker Carlson shows Kremlin outreach to Trump’s GOP" -- Washington Post


"Carlson gives Putin a platform for a revisionist history lesson" -- ABC Australia


"Tucker Carlson still doesn’t have a job. He’s in Moscow — house-hunting I hope." Jimmy Kimmel, ABC propaganda network






Are you a victim of Wokeism, Equity, or Discriminatory Treatment?

Contact America First Legal. America First Legal is creating a new digital HOTLINE for citizens to report violations of their rights. If you have been victimized by woke politics in the workplace or at school, if you have been illegally discriminated against in the workplace or in search of a contract or government benefit under the Orwellian guise of “diversity,” “equity,” “inclusion,” please contact us TODAY.


Gina Carano righteously sues Disney and Lucasfilm

Gina Carano was fired for having conservative views, all reminiscent of early Nazi Germany. This much is obvious. Now, Carano has righteously lawyered up and sued Disney and Lucasfilm! If YOU were discriminated by Disney or Lucasfilm for being conservative, then contact the law firm that represents Carano at (703) 282-7320. Get the compensation that you deserve.


Ban them for life

New York's Attorney General, Letitia James wants Donald Trump banned from the New York real estate industry for life as part of her political witchhunt. We should treat woke companies the same. Do not do business with them. Ban them for life.


DAVOS spews the usual climate propaganda

1/19/2024 - Left-wing ideologue, Naomi Oreskes is, at the most basic level, as anti-science as they come, yet she masquerades as some sort of trusted Minister of Truth on 'climate change' and even COVID.


TIME Magazine spews noxious climate propaganda

As predictable as flies on sh**, TIME Magazine's list of 100 top climate leaders is full of nothing but leftists who are pushing The Narrative™. Not one single dissenting scientist or educator. No Patrick Moore. No Dr. Roy Spencer. No Judith Curry. No Dr. Wie-Hock “Willie” Soon. The debate is over and The Science™ is settled.


Three years after the mostly peaceful January 6th protest, the media continues with their Soviet-style propaganda on behalf of the democrat party


BELOW: The far-left Guardian 'news' outlet continues to falsely call January 6th an 'insurrection' and an 'attack'. The Guardian has NO interest in memorializing an 'anniversary' of the beginning of the 4 month long BLM riots.



BELOW: If you point out that January 6th was NOT an 'insurrection' and nobody has ever been charged as such, then, according to CNN, you are 'poisoning' the public with 'propaganda'. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of CNN.



The media insists that there is no evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election

1/3/2024 - In reality, there is a mountain of evidence in all of the swing states.


Wokeism is being rejected naturally

When Victoria's Secret thought it was a good marketing idea to feature more 'diverse' models, fat models, transgender models, Megan Rapinoe, etc instead of skinny, attractive mostly white models, the natural instincts of their core customer base took over. Victoria's Secret stock price has plunged from $76 to $13.62 due to declining sales.


One has to expect similar poor performance from woke companies that hire personnel based on things like race and LBGTQ instead of merit.



Will companies that bankrolled BLM denouce their support and ask for their money back?

10/13/2023 - Black Lives Matter supports the Hamas terrorists (that killed 1,300+ including beheading children, and taking children and old ladies as hostages). No, it wasn't just BLMChicago that rushed to support Hamas -- BLM Washington D.C. and BLM LosAngeles also chimed in. BLM national was deafeningly silent. Endless coporations donated billions to BLM. Now, their silence is deafening. The far-left-wing ADL apologized for BLM.




Starbucks union members cheer on Hamas terrorists

10/7/2023 - Hours after Palestinian terrorists killed 750+ Israelis and took children, old ladies, and others as hostages, it didn't take long for the pink-haired Starbucks commies to chime in. Remember that conservatives get fired for voicing their opinions outside of work. Companies like Starbucks keep their lefties employed.




Let wokesters become brokesters!

9/26/2023 - Lululemon, Apple, and Footlocker stores in Philly were looted by a mob of 'teens'. LOL


A Burger King boycott is on!

Conservatives are guilty until proven innocent: Burger King pulled advertising on Rumble because of Russell Brand. Nothing is more offensive than when lefty companies attack free speech. We remind everyone to PILE ON when there are boycotts like this that get national attention. Yes, there are lots of woke restaurants, and you probably can't boycott all of them, but boycotting just one all at once creates a chilling effect that scares other companies straight!


Rumble Rejects UK Parliament's request to censor Russell Brand

9/20/2023 - In a positive sign that Rumble is not part of the censorship industrial complex, the company told the UK government to take a hike in regards to a request to demonetize or remove Russell Brand's videos.


Macy's in Arcadia LOOTED!

8/22/2023 - REJOICE! Macy's Arcadia was looted! Remember when Macy's pulled Ivanka Trump's line? Or when they were against Florida's Parental Rights Bill? Macy's also joined the left-wing 'Rock The Vote' and they're democrat donors and race-mongers. Shop at Dillard's instead!


Highly woke Progressive Insurance is sued

8/18/2023 - Progressive insurance has been sued over their racist policy of offering $25,000 to black-owned businesses buy vehicles, but ruling out whites, Asians, Latinos, and others. The lawsuit was filed by the conservative group America First Legal.


Highly woke Dick's Sporting Goods pays the price

8/22/2023 - We should all be thrilled to learn that the wokeholes over at Dick's Sporting Goods saw their profits for quarter two go down 24% due to retail theft. Dick's is one of the easiest companies to boycott. Instead support Sheels.


Best Buy: Still run by the same racists

8/10/2023 - Some people are just now discovering that Best Buy is a horrible company from Minneapolis. This time it leaked out that Best Buy has a 'management training program' that is NOT open to white employees. Instead, we recommend 1. ABT (Glenview, IL), 2. MicroCenter - Appears to be apolitical. Computers and electronic devices. Based in Hilliard, OH., 3. Samy's Camera - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Los Angeles. 4. Provantage


Best Buy story broken by James O'Keefe

This is a reminder to report any inside information dirt that you may have on woke companies to James O'Keefe and to the good media outlets. Stories like this Best Buy one are a reminder to woke companies that they may become the next Bud Light at the drop of a hat!


Disney's wokeness is costing them money

Disney+ lost 300,000 subscribers in the US and Canada in the 3rd quarter 2023.


Companies put wokeism ahead of profits

7/21/2023 - Companies have a fiduciary duty to shareholders. When they push woke politics, they alienate customers. Shareholders can then sue! Ron DeSantis wants Florida's pension fund to investigate Bud Light-makers AB InBev and possibly explore a lawsuit. They should sue all of these woke companies while they're at it.  


Some people are just now waking up to the fact that Unilever is a radical-left-wing company

7/6/2023 - Unilever has been our number one boycott target in personal care. Long before Ben & Jerry's 'America was founded on stolen land' Tweet, they could to offend you and get your attention. They released an ice cream HONORING Colin Kaepernick. They want to #DefundThePolice and dismantle the justice system because they say "the system can't be reformed". B&J supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, and pushes for reparations. They opposed Georgia's much-needed voting reform bill. B&J also supported the "women's march" AKA the "DEMOCRAT women's march". B&J has an anti-Trump flavor named “Pecan Resist”. B&J signed a letter supporting the Democrat’s radical “For the People Act”, in order to strip states of their ability to implement basic election integrity safeguards, such as voter ID. It would also protect illegal aliens who are registered to vote, prevent states from purging their voter rolls, allow unlimited ballot harvesting, and make nationwide voting by mail without photo ID a reality.


Eat popcorn as Nike and Louis Vuitton are looted

6/30/2023 -- As Middle Eastern and African migrants riot in France, we are reminded not to feel sorry for certain looted and destroyed businesses. Nike is a despicable anti-American company that donated a whopping $40 million to 'social justice' organizations that support the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Louis Vuitton also supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Sponsored Eileen Gu, the Olympic skier who defected to China. These companies brought this upon themselves.


Vaccine Equity

Was Deion Sanders duped by the media's relentless pro-vaccine propaganda? Was a booster the straw that broke the camel's back? Was Deion aware that even the politicized World Health Organization does NOT recommend boosters for healthy adults? In particular, vaccine equity was pushed hard on 'people of color'. Remember that 'vaccine equity' is basically prioritizing 'people of color' as guinea pigs to test out an experimental vaccine with no long-term safety data.


Juror Nullification

With Donald Trump possibly going to trial in Miami, New York, Atlanta, and who knows where else, it's time to talk about a concept called juror nullification. Jury nullification occurs when jurors, based on their own sense of justice, refuse to follow the law and acquit a defendant even when the evidence presented seems to point to an incontrovertible verdict of guilty. During Prohibition times, juries often ignored alcohol control laws, because the laws were unjust. One juror could literally save our democracy by standing up to 11 democrat jurors by voting 'no guilty'. Just don't talk about it. Loose lips nullify an entire trial.


ADVICE: If you are straight, don't drink Bud Light

If you order and drink Bud Light at a bar or other public place then you are sending a signal to people around you that you are part of the LGBTQ+ community. If you buy Bud Light at the grocery store, the checker will forever think that you're LGBTQ+. Is that what you want?


Why are LGBTQ+ people so special?

LGBTQ+ people want to be honored for an entire month of every year. Why are they such a special 'oppressed' group? You can think of endless other groups of people who are held back in life, stigmatized, face challenges, are mentally and/or physically scarred, etc. Why aren't they honored? Why can't they get their own flag to be draped in schools and at government buildings? And, aren't they also entitled to reparations?


Bald people

Short people/really tall people

Ugly people

Poor people

People who hold lowly jobs

People who weren't good enough to reach the pinnacle of their profession

Deaf people

Blind people

Elderly people

Shy people

Mentally ill people

Athletically challenged people

People with tattoos

People with low SAT scores

People who dropped out of high school

People who speak with a lisp

People who stutter

Alcoholics, drug addicts


Relatives of someone who is or was homeless

People who have been victims of Ponzi schemes

People who have been in severe car accidents

Descendants of a family member who died of tuberculosis

Descendants of a family member who died of typhoid fever

Descendants of a family member who died of scarlet fever


The public is sick of LGBTQ

The Los Angeles Dodgers honored queer and trans nuns almost an hour before a game on 'Pride Night'. Starting 4 hours before the game, thousands protested. Had the Dodgers organization followed through with their plan to honor these LGBTQ people during the game, a huge stadium full of people would have booed them off the field for all to see how much the public is sick of LGBTQ being rammed down their throats.




Boycott of Target stores gains traction!

Just as Budweiser has been decimated by boycotts, you would think that Target got the message. They did not. Now, with two big companies getting hammered, this is sending a chilling effect to all businesses. GET WOKE, GO BROKE!


Oddly enough, pride tribalism isn't the worst crime that these companies have committed, and these are not even the worst companies on our boycott list. We say that it's time to turn our attention to companies that attack free speech. We regard companies that attack free speech as the most offensive ones of all. Look for the icon icon on our bad companies page.


The Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner is confirmation that you need to cut the cable

5/1/2023 - It's a transparent gathering of democrat media propaganists to promote the democrat party, and pat each other on the back, but smear media outlets and journalists who don't fall in line with the DNC. This year they attacked FOX News and Tucker Carlson, and the gathering of lefty journalists all laughed. There is the reason why Donald Trump boycotted the Whitehouse Correspondents dinner. Cut the cable. If you don't have a smart TV or Roku TV, get Roku.


'Anti-Vaxxers' were right

4/30/2023 - Dr. Simone Gold has been further vindicated by this study, conducted by many highly respected scientists, which found that you were more likely to suffer a serious adverse event (at least 1 in 800) from taking one of the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccines than you were to be hospitalized with COVID. Will the media issue a retraction and apology for all of their attacks on her? Don't hold your breath.


We've changed this site

4/29/2023 - Our landing page is no longer a whopping 357 KB. Now it's just 22KB of text. This is more search engine friendly. Not that Google cares, but maybe Bing will. And, this is just a landing page. From there you can click through to see the good or bad companies.


Mabelline goes woke... again

Mabelline teamed up with trannie, Dylan Mulvaney. This is the same company that donated to the hyper-partisan, far-left-wing, race-mongering NAACP. Mabelline is owned by L'OReal. Beware that most of the beauty industry is woke.


Now, more than ever, cut the cable

Now that FOX has fired Tucker Carlson, there is really no reason to pay for expensive cable packages with bundled propaganda networks. Cut the cable. If you don't have a smart TV or Roku TV, get Roku.


State-financed NPR leaves Twitter

We all know that NPR is left-wing propaganda. Their bias is on full display. The fact that they had a hissy-fit over being stamped with a 'state-financed' label, which is 100% true, is proof that they are trying to hide their bias from informed idiots.


Why it's important to boycott Budweiser!

The nationwide boycott of Budweiser is gaining traction! The Budweiser boycott is a warning to all companies that go woke. If Budweiser sees a significant drop in sales, this will send a message loud and clear to other companies. Keep pushing woke politics and this can happen to you too! We urge readers to support 805 because the company founder is a big Trump supporter! Also, support the Japanese beer, Sapporo and its sister brand, Anchor because they are not pushing any politics to our knowledge. Sales of cases of Bud Light were down 21% during the week of April 15, 2023. Sales of Budweiser cases were down 10.7%.




Ford and BMW to silence conservative talk radio!

Ford, BMW, and Tesla are getting rid of AM radio on their EV cars (one more reason NOT to drive an EV car). AM radio is dominated by conservative talk. Do you think these companies would do the same if liberals dominated the AM airwaves? Hell, no!


Now, more than ever, BOYCOTT Marxist New York City-based companies!

CONTACT these companies and demand that they condemn the political persecution of Donald Trump! People decide elections -- Not tyrants.


Foot Locker, Adorama, B&H Photo and Video, Maisonette, Blue Apron, Tommy Hilfiger, JP Morgan Chase, CitiCorp, PepsiCo, Sharaton Hotels, Verizon, Morgan Stanley, Fours Seasons Hotels, Goldman Sachs, Colgate Polmolive, Barnes & Noble, Black Rock, Calvin Klein, Century 21, Etsy, HBO, J&R, Macy's, Marvel Entertainment, Mutual Insurance, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rockstar Games, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shutterstock, Simon & Schuster, Sirius XM, Sotheby's, Tiffany & Co., Time Warner, Weight Watchers, AIG, etc.





BREAKING: 3/30/2023 -- The politicized, left-wing, globalistic World Health Organization FINALLY agrees with what we have been saying for 3 long years! COVID vaccines are not needed for healthy kids and teens! They also finally admit that healthy adults don't need to keep getting boosters.



STORY: Wealthy Westside Los Angeles liberals' unwaivering support of democrats has finally come home to roost! LA city's 'mansion tax' goes into effect on April 1, 2023. Homes selling for 5 to 10 million dollars get hit with an extra 4% tax. Homes selling for over 10 million dollars get hit with a 5.5% tax. Here are a few noteworthy victims...






10/28/2022 - Enemies of free speech: Twitter's ad revenue is said to be down 89%. GENERAL MOTORS was the first company to halt advertising on Elon Musk's Twitter. We've been sounding the alarm for a long time about GM being a radical-left-wing company with bad intentions! We regard companies that attack free speech as the most offensive ones of all. Boycott GM for life! That includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Onstar, AC Delco, BrightDrop, Periscope, and Ultium. BOYCOTT ALL OF THESE GM BRANDS!


Other enemies of free speech who have stopped advertising on Twitter include: Volkswagen, Audi, General Mills, Mondelez Int, Pfizer, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Eli Lilly, American Airlines, Boston Beer (Sam Adams), Verizon, Mars, Kellogg's, Merck, and the CBS propaganda network. The tyrants at Apple have all but stopped advertising. These are the same old far-left-wing suspects that we have always boycotted.



State of Wyoming fighting woke banks

STORY: As you know, the banking sector is one of the most woke groups of companies. They're basically all woke to some degree. Many of them have adopted ESG, the cartel-like rating system, which among other things, attacks the oil industry. The state of Wyoming is introducing a bill that would direct the state treasurer to make a list of financial institutions that are actively engaged in discrimination against energy companies and refuse to enter into contracts with them.


West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Arkansas and North Dakota have also made moves to stop doing business with companies that engage in ESG or other politically motivated activities.


To this day, the CDC continues to spread medical misinformation

We have a wealth of actual real-world data showing that mask mandates do nothing to stop respiratory viruses like COVID. Not only are cloth masks useless, but N95 masks have been shown to have no impact on stopping COVID spread. We also know that it doesn't matter if you're 6 feet or 60 feet apart. You're just as likely to spread/get COVID. Yet, the CDC continues to gaslight us by pretending as if masks and social distancing actually work.




Why is FOX News drooling over Nikki Haley?

For those with short-term memory, Nikki Haley is a RINO who has been at odds with Trump too many times. She joined the chorus of Democrats by demanding that Trump release his tax returns. She attacked Trump over a Jake Tapper CNN interview. She walks and talks like a RINO when it comes to the wall and illegal immigration. And, Nikki did not fall in line with supporting Trump's Muslim country immigration ban. When the alt-left Washington Compost speaks glowingly of Nikki, that's when you know that she's not the right candidate.


"Donald Trump is everything I taught my children NOT to be in kindergarten" -- Nikki Haley


Finally, Nikki Haley slammed the door on ever being a Republican presidential contender when she joined Democrats and their false narrative of blaming Trump for January 6th... "We need to acknowledge he let us down. He went down a path he shouldn't have. And we shouldn't have followed him. And we shouldn't have listened to him. We can't let that ever happen again." Nikki also said "When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement" and she said she was "disgusted" by Trump. Well, we are disgusted by Nikki Haley (RINO). It's no surprise that Trump refused to have a meeting with Nikki at Mir-a-Lago. When the rabidly left-wing Newsweek ridiculously calls Nikki the Republican 'frontrunner' for 2024, that's when you know she's the wrong candidate and has zero chance.


Nothing to see here! Move along!

1/2/2023 -- As always, the debate is over and The Science™ is settled. Those Branch Covidians are rushing to summarily declare that vaccination has absolutely nothing to do with NFL player, Damar Hamlin's health emergency. They say it's definitely not vax related and you're a 'right-wing conspiracy theorist' if you dare question anything. But, how do we know that he didn't have a weakened heart due to some other contributing factor? A logical person asks, when considering that NFL players take hits to the chest every week, why don't we see other players' hearts stopping? Common sense says that there is something more at play with Damar Hamlin than just commotio cordis. Either way, keep your eye on the ball. The cold-hard fact is that excess deaths coincide with the vaccine rollout. Athlete collapses and deaths have spiked way up (1616 athlete cardiac arrests, including 1114 dead since January 2021) from just 29 to 71 per year. A recent survey found that 1 in 4 people think someone they know died from COVID vaccines. What's up with that?


BELOW: Hearts stopping is normalized by the Rolling Stone medical journal.

If you question the GroupThink narrative, you're 'vile' and a 'conspiracy theorist'.



Amazon laying off 10,000 employees!

If their 2020 political donation record is any indication, then our number one boycott target is laying off 8,266 democrat workers. Hopefully, you, our readers played a role in this. Continue to shop at ABT for electronics, and the many other companies for other products.


As always, the mainstream media knows best

Now that the mid-term elections are over, the media is once again telling us who to vote for in 2022. As always, they hate Trump. Even though Trump wasn't even on the ballot, they are blaming Trump for any and every Republican shortfall as if this is a fact, while ignoring such things as Mitch McConnell giving 5 million dollars to RINO Lisa Murkowsky, the weakness of the losing candidates themselves, etc. The media would love nothing more than to fracture the Republican party into Trump VS DeSantis. The Republican National Convention is a long way off. Until then, let the people decide who should be the Republican candidate for president. This will sort itself out over the coming year and a half. Voters should make an honest, intelligent assessment of Trump or DeSantis based on such things as reliable polls that look at hypothetical ballot choices (ex- DeSantis VS Biden, Trump VS Biden, DeSantis VS Newsom, Trump VS Newsom, etc). Republicans have to win. Let the chips fall where they may -- just don't be manipulated by trickery.


The media will lie with statistics to convince you to dump Trump. For example, the survey question below cannot be taken at face value because the biggest Trump haters not only always vote, but might likely answer yes to a question like this...




Big Tech donated 90% of funds to democrats

No surprise. The Tech Tyrants made 90% of their donations to democrats. Twitter, Apple, PayPal, Alphabet (Google), and Meta (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) donated $5,662,211 during the 2022 election cycle. Stop feeding the beast. Switch to alt tech!


Google has shadow-banned this site

As of 11/22/2022, a Google search for "boycott woke companies" lists this site on page 6. Contrast this with Bing, which lists this site at the very top of page one. This is why we tell people who insist on using a 'mainstream' search engine to use Bing. Yes, Bing is owned by the tyrants at Microsoft, but for whatever reason, Bing is not as oppressive as Google. Now, more than ever, please link this site to your site, blog, etc.


Bitcoin buying opportunity coming soon?

9/14/2022 - If past performance (2017 - 2019) is any indication, Bitcoin may bottom out in about 2 months and then flatline for the next 3 months (your possible buying opportunity window).


Here's your proof that the Jan 6th Committee is a farce

8/10/2022 - After being voted out of office, Liz Cheney (RINO) said “I will be doing whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office", yet she sits on a supposed "bipartisan", "neutral" committee investigating the January 6th protest. It's literally like having a fox watch over the hen house.


Starbucks joins Walgreens and others who have closed stores in dem cities

File this one in the poetic justice category. Starbucks fights hard for democrat causes and to get democrats elected. The chickens have come home to roost. Justice systems have been dismantled, crime has gone through the roof, and crazy homeless are allowed to roam the streets of blue cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Starbucks is closing 16 of its stores because of safety issues. Serves them right. Instead buy coffee from non-woke companies like Mount Rushmore Coffee Company based in Rapid City, SD, HuntersBlendCoffee.com based in Mechanicsburg, OH.


Trump warned Germany about becoming depedent on Russia for natural gas

VIDEO Trump's prophetic words on July 11, 2018, 3 1/2 years before Russia invaded Ukraine, and Germany finally agreed with Trump that being dependent on Russia was a bad idea.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg's ego cost liberals on Roe VS Wade

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an activist in a robe, and well into her 80's, it was her ego that kept her from retiring. She bought into her liberal media's narrative that Hillary Clinton had the 2016 election in the bag. The rest is history. Having said that, nothing will change, except in certain red states. Evidently, this is lost with protesters in blue states who somehow believe that the rug has been pulled out from under them.


Dick's Sporting Goods, Expedia, PayPal, Disney, Google, Bank of America paying for travel for abortions

Instead of bankrolling democrat election campaigns, leftist companies such as Dick's Sporting goods will be spending up to $4,000 of their money on abortions. They will also inevitably be filling the pockets of scammers looking to pocket some of this free money.




Striking down Roe VS Wade

This is a win for the Republican party voter roll. Less blue state babies will be born. More red state babies will be born. Is this the real reason why democrats are so up in arms?


BELOW: Blue = States where abortion is illegal



What the CDC doesn't want you to know:

Only about 75 healthy children have died of COVID


BELOW: According to the CDC, only 1,257 kids age 18 and younger have died of COVID.

It is critically important to note that this stat does not separate the unhealthy from the healthy.



So, what happens when we separate the healthy from the healthy? The CDC either does not provide this stat anymore or they obscure it (probably to ramp up fear in parents in order to induce them to vaccinate their kids). But, in September 2020 the CDC quietly reported that about 94% of people who had died from COVID-19 in the U.S. also had other contributing conditions listed on their death certificates. They died with COVID and something else -- not of COVID alone. Only 6% of deaths listed COVID-19 as the only cause. And so, if we were to apply this stat to children, we would multiply 1,257 times 0.06 and then arrive at 75.42. Therefore, as of 5/28/2022, it is fair to estimate that only about 75 healthy children have died of COVID since the onset of the pandemic. There are 73.1 million children under the age of 18 in the US. If we count 18-year-olds, this raises the figure to about 77 million.


BELOW: To mask this inconvenient stat, the CDC lies with statistics by telling you that COVID is 'one of the leading causes of death among children'. This factoid (which also lumps the healthy and unhealthy all together) is much ado about nothing because the baseline number of child deaths is extremely low.



Parents cannot make an educated decision as to whether or not to get their kids vaccinated when statistics are obscured. Failure to separate the unhealthy from the healthy in statistics is a critical lie by omission. The above analysis doesn't even take into account how deaths can be reduced by testing at the first sign of sickness (sore throat, etc), then treating COVID immediately. We have many treatment options. Vaccines are just one line of defense. How many of the above rare deaths were complicated by failure to act quickly?


Past performance says cryptocurrencies still have more to fall

6/19/2022 -- Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but sometimes it can be telling. It has been a blood bath for cryptocurrencies, but this falling knife may still be falling.


Back in 2018, Ethereum dropped 94% over about 11 months time. Yesterday, Ethereum hit 880.93. That's down about 81.7% from its high. We're only 7 months and change since Ethereum's all-time high back in November of 2021. So, past performance says that you might want to wait before jumping back into cryptocurrencies. Also, keep in mind that after the 2018 - 2019 crash, Ethereum floundered for at least another year before forming its next bubble.


There was a similar trend with BitCoin. Right now it's down about 74%. It dropped 84% from its December 2017 high. Back in 2018, it made sense to jump back in only 1 year after the correction began. We're only a little more than 7 months into this latest BitCoin correction.


The bottom line: It's not a bad time to be a buyer of BitCoin at a 74% discount. It's also might not the end of the world if you sit tight and wait another 4 to 16 months, or dollar cost average over the next 16 months. Of course, don't put all of your eggs in cryptocurrencies. Stocks are also on sale at about a 21% discount from their December 2021 high. Bonds are on sale at about a 10% discount (when factoring in dividends) from their August 2020 high.



Dr. Simone Gold sentenced to 2 months prison by Obama Judge,

then smeared once again by the lying left-wing media

CLICK HERE for article.


Don't feel sorry for Sephora Beauty robberies

On 5/28/2022 Sephora Beauty's Cerritos, CA store was looted in broad daylight. But, don't feel bad. This far-left-wing French-owned company is a threat to our democracy. Sephora cancelled all future partnerships and cut ties with beauty influencer Amanda Ensing for being a Trump supporting conservative. In typical leftist fashion, Sephora hypocritically claims to be all about being "inclusive", when in reality, they are the polar opposite. Sephora are bigots who stand against conservatives. Sephora offered to settle with Amanda Ensing if she would be silent.


Sephora also Donated more than $1 million to National CARES Mentoring Movement, to the Center for Urban Families, to the anti-Trump, anti-Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, anti-Elon Musk, pro-illegal immigration, group known as the NAACP, to the National Black Justice Coalition, and to the National Black Coalition on Black Civic Participation Black Women’s Roundtable.


Sephora discriminates! They reserved 15 percent of their shelf space specifically for products made by black-owned companies, regardless of whether the products are better than products made by companies owned by people of other than black skin pigmentation or not.


Instead shop at BeautyBrands.com, which appears to stay out of politics and creating division.


TRUTH Social

5/18/2022 - TRUTH Social's web app just launched, and so we just joined. Join and follow us to show solidarity with Trump!


War in Ukraine officially over (in the media)

The news media will now have hysterical wall-to-wall coverage about the prospect of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Putin will have carte blanche to do whatever he wants to Ukraine. Chemical weapons or a tactical nuke will do little to divert attention from abortion talk.


If Roe v. Wade is shot down, then Republicans will have an edge in future elections. Red states will ban all abortions, thus giving birth to more Republican voters, while blue states will keep killing tomorrow's democrat voters. Win-win.


How many times have we seen this movie? The media conveniently
rushes to blame guns for progressive policies and race-mongering

In wake of the Sacramento and Brooklyn shootings, like clockwork, the media is rushing to blame guns. They insist that we just need more gun restrictions, and this will stop the violence. Nothing could be further from the truth.


In Sacramento, gang member, Dandrae Martin illegally possessed a firearm. Like all criminals, he didn't care that he was breaking gun laws. He also had a lengthy rap sheet. The progressives in California didn't care about keeping him in prison. The liberal agenda is to keep criminals out of prison.


In Brooklyn, accused subway shooter Frank James, was clearly inspired by the media's race-hate propaganda. The city of New York is also under attack because the progressives running the city refuse to clamp down on crime and violence.


By the way, had the shooters been white, with certainty, the corporate media would have also blamed the shootings on white supremacy, thus inspiring more divide and acts of violence.


FACT CHECKING YouTube's false claims of 'COVID Misinformation'



For insight into the war in Ukraine,

look to military people -- not the left-wing media

VIDEO 3/7/2022 - Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor says what's left of Ukrainian forces has been driven into the cities. He says Putin will not flatten Ukraine's cities. He says that this phase of the war will be over in about 10 days. Macgregor says Zelensky is not a hero, and he needs to come to terms with Ukraine being a neutral country.


VIDEO 2/27/2022 - Retired Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis says that he believes that Putin has no intention of occupying Ukraine because there is no value in doing so. He says Putin wants a Ukraine leadership that is neutral, and he wants to only keep "peacekeeping" troops in the Donetsk and Luhansk border area. He says Ukraine is mainly infantry, and therefore cannot win versus Russia's armor.


VIDEO - 3/2/2022 - This Ukrainian-born US Army Vet, predicts the conflict will go on for about 5 years before Russia gives up on occupying Ukraine, but perhaps keep Donetsk and Luhansk.


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