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Naomi Oreskes is, at the most basic level, as anti-science as they come

The UN's Melissa Fleming is a sanctimonious anti-science tyrant

Twitter's continuing double standard on censorship

Christiane Amanpour is a modern day Joseph Goebbels

The 'mansion tax' whacks Westside liberals in the pocketbook

There is no comparison between the BLM riots and the January 6th protest

The eerie parallels between corporate wokeism and early Nazi-Germany

Pollsters - How far off they were in 2020

How liberals change language in order to control the debate

Global Warming - The debunking of

San Francisco - We have declared the city of SF a Marxist organization

San Francisco travel alert - Tourists should avoid all travel to San Francisco.

Oakland - We have declared the city of Oakland a Marxist organization

Top twelve lies about 911 - Debunking the most desperate and absurd truther lies about 911

Ten more lies about 911 - Continued debunking of truther lies about 911

Asymptomatic Transmission - How the medical establishment rushed to judgment on mask mandates, then panicked when the WHO's Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove contradicted their groupthink

Government caught lying about COVID

Corporate America - Enabling the continued destruction of their stores

The Science - Masks, Lockdowns and Social Distancing don't work

A Timeline of government lies and contradictions regarding COVID-19

Civic Alliance - Our review of the so-called 'non-partisan' organization

Wall of Shame - Liberal bigots



Support good charitable causes

A study of media truth suppression techniques.

FACT CHECKING YouTube's false claims of 'COVID Misinformation' - YouTube is facilitating the spread of medical misinformation by censoring speech.

Google promotes Biden / Fauci virtual townhall with cherry-picked left-wing YouTubers.

Dr. Kelly Victory -'s Stephen Barrett smears Dr. Kelly Victory with dangerous hit piece

Infection Fatality Rate - Your odds of dying if you get COVID, especially if you have no underlying health conditions

Davos - Davos World Economic Forum = Academy Awards drivel

National Geographic Channel - Anti-Trump propaganda

Jeep's Super Bowl Ad - an underhanded attack on Republicans that reinforced the Democrat party campaign strategy and parroted their victory message

Media Smears Rush Limbaugh -

RINO Season is here

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Legislated from the bench

Santa Monica Business Climate - Rattled by unfettered looting and rioting

Trump calls for boycott of select companies

Will Trump run again in 2024? It doesn't matter

USA Today lies - What else is new?

Vaccine Equity - 'People of color' unknowingly being prioritized as guinea pigs

Women's History Month - Just another conduit for promoting leftists and their left-wing agendas

Herd Immunity Update - Estimating when COVID-19 will end for now

David Hogg - The poster boy for liberal privilege

Old technology Johnson & Johnson vaccine likely coming very shortly after February 26th

LucasFilm/Disney's bigotry and hypocrisy on full display as they fire Gina Carano, but leave Pedro Pascal alone

Big Tech putting ideology ahead of profits

Geriatric Joe's 1/14/2021 Speech - Deception of Perception

List of companies against Georgia's much needed voting reforms

ESG Rating - What is it?

Black Lives Matter - The violent Marxist group

Southern Poverty Law Center - A far-left extremist political organization

Equal Justice Initiative - Clearly an organization based on critical race theory

National Urban League - Far-left-wing, race-mongering group that laughably claims to be 'nonpartisan'

NAACP - A hyper-partisan, far-left-wing, race-mongering group that is squarely aligned with the democrat party.

Color of Change - Wants to end the police. Founded by Marxist Van Jones. Anti-FOX News. Wants reparations.

ACLU - Rabidly racist, anti-free speech, anti-conservative, DNC activists.

Cryptocurrency - Why you should support. How to use.

Aaron Rodgers made the right choice by not getting vaccinated.

N95 masks don't work - Technocrats continue to push mandates anyway

Dr. Simone Gold - Sentenced to 2 months by Obama Judge, as the media rushes to spread lies about her again.

List of companies that opposed Florida's Parental Rights bill (falsely labeled by the media as the 'Don't Say Gay' bill).

Barbara Ferrer proves herself to be incompetent.

Media's treatment of Trump FBI search versus Sheila Kuehl RAID. Same events, different reporting.



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For a list of companies that support planned parenthood use this site.

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Truth Social - We like that you can search keywords from all users -- not just users you follow. (154 followers as of 6/30/2023, 271 followers as of 6/30/2024)

Gettr - Founded by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide. (270 followers as of 6/30/2023, 287 followers as of 6/30/2024)

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