How the left performs linguistic gymnastics in order to confuse, shame, sway opinions, exert control, etc.


In George Orwell's book 1984, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength. Similarly, liberals are famous for their Orwellian tactic of perverting language. Here are a few examples:


Their deceptive language What they really mean and/or truth
Our Democracy The democrat party's way. The democrat party's Marxist agenda dies if you don't vote democrat. Hint: Voting is democracy.
The Science™ The politics. Ignoring of science.
The Science™ is settled Oxymoron term. Science is never 'settled', especially when it's something as complex as climate change or COVID.
January 6th insurrection, attack Vastly peaceful Republican protest. Nobody has ever been charged with insurrection. False pretense to stop Trump in 2024.
Protesters, mostly peaceful protesters, pockets of unrest, just trying to put food on their tables Term used to downplay democrats, leftists, immigrants, ANTIFA, and/or BLM behaving badly, arson, rioting, vandalizing, looting, assaulting, killing, refusing to accept results of the 2016 election.
Shots fired, apparent gunshots rang through the crowd, shooting at rally, loud noises Assassination attempt on Trump! Prevent Trump from becoming a martyr/hero.
Climate denier Assumes that they are right, the debate is over, and The Science™ is settled
Election denier Assumes that they are right, there was no 2020 election fraud (there was plenty). Ignores Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Al Gore election denialism.
The 'Big Lie' Democrats hysterically borrowing from Holocaust denial language
Contemporary scientific consensus Left-wing GroupThink. Cherry-picked, government paid scientists own the science. Fancy language to justify censoring anyone who challenges their unsettled science.
Climate action The word 'action' falsely implies that humans can actually do something to affect earth's climate. The only 'action' happening is the raising of taxes and erosion of our freedoms.
Climate change, global weirding When we had record cold winters, the term 'global warming' became a publicity nightmare.
Climate crisis, climate tragedy, climate bomb, global boiling Just add hyperbolic language and in a Pavlovian response, the peasants automatically get terrified. Pure hysteria.
Climate change denial The left confessing through projection. The science is not settled. Skepticism is rational.
Women's March Democrat women's anti-Trump march, anti-white, anti-Elon Musk, anti-GOP, etc.
People's March Democrats' anti-Trump march
Sustainability A happy name for Marxism, globalism, less white people, open borders, climate nonsense, LGBTQ tribalism, ESG, etc.
Progressive Repressive, regressive. Also, a happy-sounding name for far-leftists.
Diversity, inclusion, equity DIE!, Division, Incompetence, and Exclusion. A happy-sounding term for replacing white people with non-white people. Flooding wealthy white countries with non-whites, but not non-white countries. Modern day Jim Crow. Racial Fascism.
Too male, too pale, and too stale Sex and race discrimination. Violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Colonialist Anti-white slur, xenophobia
Diversity is our strength Less white people. Diversity is our undoing. Diversity unravels cultures and countries. If diversity actually was a strength then they wouldn't have to constantly repeat the phrase.
Corporate Social Responsibility A happy name for corporate discrimination. Woke companies colluding with each other to hire based on race, LGBTQ, and gender over merit. Climate change nonsense, anti-oil, anti-guns, anti-tobacco, etc. Also, penalizing consumers who don't adhere to the woke ideology.
Climate justice White people are to blame for weather and people of color are suffering as a result.
_______ justice Whether it be climate, LGBTQ, social, or anything else, just insert the word 'justice' in order to magically create a Pavlovian response of racial outrage.
Representation goals, fostering inclusion, infusing talent, developing leaders, empowering, full authentic seleves Happy terminology for racist race quotas, reverse discrimination
Safe Neighborhoods & Schools Act Legal to shoplift up to $950 in merchandise.
Unity Shut up and let us democrats get what we want
Transformative The radical leftist agenda
Unhinged, divisive, causing chaos, mentally unstable, etc. Smears that they use to describe anyone who disagrees with their views, policies, etc
Immigrants Illegal immigrants
Refugees Economic migrant invasion
Cultural enrichment Destruction of Western culture with immigrants from Syria, Africa, etc.
Anti-fascist Pro-fascist
Anti-racist Anti-white
Anti-masker Smear term. Falsely assumes that masks actually work to stop respiratory viruses.
Anti-Vaxxer Smear term. Falsely assumes that getting vaccinated is the right decision.
Directed evolution Gain of function research
Build back better Burn the system down, roll out socialism
Fundamentally change America Destroy America with socialism
Inspire change, it takes all of us, stop hate The NFL's prisoners running the prison with happy sounding euphemisms for critical race theory, 'social justice', equity of outcome, racial discrimination, dismantling of the justice system.
Unity over division Falsely casts Republicans as divisive and democrats as unifiers. "Unity" to them conveniently means everyone surrendering to their radical plans.
Truth over lies War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.
A nation divided, He will not divide us Democrats and their media create division, then falsely cast Trump as divisive
Disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, misleading Conveniently subjective terms used as a pretense to censor 1st amendment-protected information, facts, or opinions that contradict their lies and propaganda.
Deep fake, cheap fake Any unedited video of Joe Biden's cognitive decline that the media doesn't want the public to see.
Trump's lies Trump's truth, facts, opinions that we don't like.
"Grab them by the p----" Omitted: "They let you do it" (AKA consent)
Medical misinformation AKA We own The Science. Any truthful facts, studies, or opinions that contradict those of the media and medical establishment regarding masks, lockdowns, asymptomatic spread, vaccines, etc.
Vaccine equity Prioritizing 'people of color' to be used as guinea pigs to test a rushed out, emergency use vaccine with no long-term safety data and suspicious short-term safety-data.
Pandemic of the unvaccinated Pandemic of the vaccinated
Nobody is above the law Lawfare, dual system of justice, witch-hunt, election interference, show me the man and I'll find you the crime.
By a jury of his peers By a jury of never-Trumpers, presided over by a never-Trumper judge
Bullying Having differing opinions, presenting inconvenient facts. A false pretense for censorship.
Microagressions Censorship gone full-Marxist. Hyper-race-mongering
Misguided Free-thinking people on the right who have found truth.
Controversial Smear term for anyone who presents facts and/or opinions that work against leftist groupthink. This term does not exist in their vocabulary to describe leftists.
Conspiracy theory, fringe theory Smear term for any truthful interpretation that contradicts their agenda, beliefs, lies, etc. Something that they don't want you to hear, and later quietly admit is true or likely true.
Disinformation Governance Board Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" to protect Democrats from truthful information that gets out. The snake watching over the hen house.
Media ethics, media literacy, AB 873 Orwellian Ministry of Truth brainwashing kids about how to think on climate change, COVID, Jan 6th, etc.
Debunked Smear term for anything that they disagree with. Certainly not proven false, as the word might suggest.
Comprehensive, proactive, mindful, meet the moment Meaningless gibberish words used to pacify
Has bipartisan support The only Republican support comes from RINO's like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and Lisa Murkowski.
Historic A shield of protection for left-wing activist judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson. Any senator who votes NO to her confirmation is a racist who is ruining history. Conversely used to attack people they don't like.
Employment Development Department Welfare program
Uncle Tom Any black who doesn't fall in line with the democrats
Affirmative action Discrimination against Caucasions and Asians
Troll Someone on the Internet with conservative opinions or inconvenient facts
Believe women Guilty until proven innocent (unless a democrat is accused)
Gun reform Repeal the 2nd Amendment through incremental bans
Nazi, dictator, fascist, semi-fascist, etc Names they call anyone who disagrees with them
Actual Nazi When constantly calling people you don't like a 'Nazi' gets worn out.
Treason, Russian asset Conservative spreading inconvenient facts or differing opinions
Russian disinformation Truthful information
Hate speech, harmful content Facts, or simply conservative speech that they disagree with and want to censor. Crimes without definition.
Free-for-all The gaslighting of free speech. The normalization of censorship. Freedom is slavery.
Freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach Happy name for censoring conservatives and their inconvenient facts and opinions, etc.
Promote healthy discourse, positive speech, safe Censorship of conservative speech
Content moderation Censorship
Pre-bunking Censorship
Online harrassment A leftist being presented with inconvenient facts, differing opinions
Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy Conference Democrat Marxists pushing for less democracy through increased censorship of conservatives
White supremacist, white nationalist Critical race theory smear term thrown at any Republican, white person, or anti-globalist. Confession through projection.
Radicalized, controversial, far-right [1, 2], hard-right, white nationalist, etc. Smear terms for conservatives, centrists, Republicans, populists, nationalists, anyone who disagrees
Vigilante Someone who honorably and lawfully defends businesses from ANTIFA/BLM arsonists/anarchists
Hard-left, far-left, radical-left, left Does not exist in their vocabulary
Living unsheltered, unhoused resident, our unhoused neighbors, experiencing homelessness. Vagrant, homeless, drug addict
Harm reduction Enabling drug addition, death increase
Xenophobic, Islamophobic No borders, no country
Border Extremism Patriotic citizens protecting the border when government refuses to enforce immigration laws
Humanitarian pause Stop fighting the Hamas terrorists
Genocide Unavoidable collateral damage that happens in war
Me Too Movement The democrat party
The soul of our nation is at stake The survival of the democrat party is at stake
Action civics, civic engagement, project-based civics, Civics Learning Act of 2021 Leftist brownshirts protesting, intimidating, and rioting
Teacher, professor Groomer, indoctrinator
Journalist DNC activist
Historically black colleges and universities. HBCUs. Black colleges and universities. Meanwhile, mostly white colleges and universities are considered racist.
Trespassing, breaking the law, blocking traffic Project Veritas journalist
Book burning Smear term comparison to describe conservatives upholding basic civil liberties by removing critical race theory books from school libraries
Rioters, mob, white supremacists An attempt to smear all conservatives who protest
Protests ANTIFA/BLM riots
Left-leaning Rioters, vandals, looters, ANTIFA, BLM
People of color Pandering, dog-whistle term to generate votes. We have no idea how this term is not racist, but 'colored people' is racist.
Whitesplaining Explaining why things that aren't racist aren't racist.
Alt-right, far-right, extremist Smear of any middle-of-the-road Republicans or Trump supporters who don't adhere to Democrat groupthink
Assault weapon (AR-15) A name that scares liberals, yet hunting rifles are more powerful
Victims Anarchist thugs who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse
Unarmed Armed with a knife
Across state lines Attempt to defame Kyle Rittenhouse as having committed some sort of 'crime'
Sedition, abuse of power, obstruction of congress Show me the man (Trump) and I'll show you the crime
Get out the vote, Rock the vote People who aren't motivated to vote usually vote (D). People who push these slogans are trying to get more (D) votes.
Back on the world stage Globalism, socialism, smearing Trump for being a nationalist, solidarity with world leftists like Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, and Justin Trudeau.
Putin's puppet, a foreign agent Trump trying to give peace a chance. Tucker Carlson doing journalism in Russia.
Trump is coddling dictators Trump trying to give peace a chance.
Trump's tax cuts benefit the wealthy Trump's tax cuts benefit those who pay the most in taxes
The border challenge The border crisis
Reallocate funding, reimagine policing, reimagine public safety, police accountability, diversion program Defund the police, race-mongering
Return to Jim Crow The GOP making voting more secure to help prevent voter fraud
They wanna put y'all back in chains, bring back slavery Anti-GOP hysteria
Expand voter access Make it easier to vote without an ID -- AKA encourage fraud
Voter suppression Election security measures to prevent fraud
The most important election of our lifetime, fragile democracy, this may be our last election Anti-Trump hysteria
The most important election of our lifetime, fragile democracy, this may be our last election Anti-Trump hysteria
Trump is a convicted felon Convicted by a kangaroo court. So was Nelson Mandela.
For the People Act, Voting Rights Bill, Freedom to Vote Act Strip states of their ability to implement basic election integrity safeguards, such as requiring an ID. Preserve voting system deficiency.
Existential threat An actual democrat conspiracy theory
Fact, fact-based Democrat opinion or falsehood
Fact-check, independent fact-checker Truth suppression by a left-wing propaganda outlet, opinion
Missing context Not enough liberal context
Non-partisan Partisan
Conservative, Jennifer Rubin Liberal, Jennifer Rubin
Pro-choice Babies don't get to choose
War on women War on babies
Parade incident, parade crash, parade accident, holiday crash, deadly crash, Waukesha tragedy, tragedy caused by SUV Terms used to obscure a racially motivated mass murder perpetrated by a person of color
Melee A word to lessen a mass murder perpetrated by a person of color
Teens, group of teens, group of looters, crowd stampede, roving teens, mob of teens, hungry teens, flash mob, young people, youth Violent blacks loot and destroy business.
Let's Go Brandon 'right-wing slur', and 'vulgar insult' But it's perfectly OK for them to insult and defame Trump
Domestic terrorist Parent voicing opposition to critical race theory being taught in school. Canadian protester.
Shrinkage, loss prevention Out of control retail theft in democrat-run city
She/her He/him
Gender affirming care Child castration, gender denial, mental illness denial.
Misgender Gender
Homophobic "Don't Say Gay" bill Parental rights bill, protecting kindergarten children from transgenderism indoctrination
Democrat Oversight Committee Witchhunt army and smear factory
FBI investigation, search, search warrant on Sheila Kuehl (D) Minimizing an FBI RAID on a democrat. Nothing to see here. Move along.
RAID on Trump (R) Investigation, search, search warrant executed. Orangeman very bad!
Inflation Reduction Act Inflation Production Act
Not a recession Recession
Classified Unclassified, not classified documents held by Trump. When Biden is caught with classified documents there is nothing to see here -- Move along. Selective outrage.
Espionage Trump holding on to unclassified/not classified documents
Hush money Nondisclosure agreement
Constitutional crisis Pure hysteria when democrats don't get what they want
(Republicans are) weaponizing, pouncing, etc. Republicans are simply pointing out crazy democrat policies, actions, etc. The 'How dare you!' truth suppression technique.
Leadership Accelerator Program, BIPOC representation, diverse suppliers Company discrimination against Whites and Asians
The World Economic Forum Destroy economies
Be truthful, but not neutral Silence conservatives, promote left-wing causes. Don't be objective. Propaganda -- not news.
False factual evidence The term is an oxymoron. Fancy smear-term for inconvenient truthful facts that hurt liberal causes.
No evidence (against a democrat) With evidence
Period! Full stop! We're right. Inconvenient facts don't matter. The debate is over. You can't challenge us.