The BIG list of 'woke' companies to boycott


INTRODUCTION: Once upon a time, the cardinal rule of business was to never even discuss politics, yet nowadays, virtually all large corporations have gone woke to one degree or another. Many have adopted Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (D.I.E.), AKA discriminatory quotas based on skin pigmentation, gender, and LGBTQ instead of merit. Fortune 500 companies are literally keeping track of employees by race, and have launched 'training’ campaigns to indoctrinate employees into critical race theory, eerily reminiscent of early Nazi Germany. They stoke racial polarization, fomenting the democrat party's toxic culture war, including by pushing the false and racist narrative of systemic racism [1, 2]. Many have made substantial donations to various race-mongering groups including the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, the National Urban League, the NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. While some companies have posted quick tweets or buried a pandering web page, others have gone above and beyond with vitriolic rhetoric.


In addition to race-mongering/race-lecturing, some companies may push gender and/or LGBTQ tribalism. By separating people into more and more 'oppressed' groups, these companies help to keep democrats in power, while stirring the pot to promote tribalistic rage, and thus inspiring violence (the Nashville shooting, the Waukesha parade massacre, hatred of police, subway harassment [1, 2, 3, 4], etc, etc). Some of the companies on this list have actually come out against parents having the fundamental right to protect their children from being sexually groomed in elementary schools.


Some have brazenly alienated half of the country by openly smearing Donald Trump and/or Republicans. Some have attacked voting integrity laws. Some are actively pushing for censorship of speech, for example, by pulling advertising from Elon Musk-owned Twitter, or by refusing to advertise on Tucker Carlson shows. Most of the companies on this list have financially supported or joined left-wing organizations such as Civic Alliance, RockTheVote, the Anti-Defamation League, StopHateForProfit, etc. Some are anti-2nd Amendment, push global warming hysteria, and/or have adopted ESG, the woke rating system.


Woke companies and the oligarchs that run them are a danger to our freedom, our values, and our safety. The 'anti-hate' industry is the hate industry [1, 2]. This is why we must stop feeding the beast that is using profits from our purchases to fuel the destruction of our country. Show them what 74 million + consumers can do to their profit margins. It is your civic duty to combat left-wing extremism! Be sure to let them know why you canceled them. The founder of Gab says that we must create our own economy. Our actions matter and have an impact. Just ask Budweiser, Target, Super Bowl advertisers, Gillette, Goodyear, the NBA, Tractor Supply, or Walmart. Keep in mind that there is much that you can do besides boycotting [scroll down].


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1) Cut the cable/dish!!! Stop financially supporting the Marxist media by paying for bundled propaganda networks. For example, when you subscribe to a cable package, you are paying $8 per year for CNN propaganda, about $7.64 per year to Disney-owned ESPN, about $20 per year to fund Faux News, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc. Instead, get a digital antenna for only local channels. If you have a smart TV (or Roku) then you can watch YouTube videos and other programming on your TV for free. If you insist on paying for channels, you can at least eliminate ESPN, Disney and CBS propaganda by having either a smart TV or Roku and paying monthly for Sling TV's 'blue' package.



2) Join the movement away from the Big Tech propaganda/censorship machine. Support alt-tech (AKA normal tech) news, social media, browser, etc.



3) Support other companies instead, in particular, local or regional ones, especially those headquartered in Republican-dominated cities and states. Avoid the bi-coastal elite companies. In some company categories, there are clear-cut better alternative choices (such as ABT electronics, Fleet Farm, A1 Auto, Pet Supermarket, 805 beer, Patriot Mobile, Coign, Life Fitness, Dillards, etc), while in other categories (such as credit card networks) they're all offensive to one degree or another. If there are no decent options, then take note of our "WORST" in category companies, and pick from the remaining companies, whichever one you find the least offensive.


There is absolutely no excuse for not changing your online shopping habits! If you continue to shop with Amazon and other big-name stores on our list then you are just plain lazy and a part of the woke problem. Before making any online purchase, search to see if a non-woke or less-woke company is selling the same or similar product.


Also, keep in mind that there are ways to partially boycott a company. Just a few examples: 1) Never click on Google ads. 2) If you're a Coca-Cola addict, then try out new sodas for a few weeks. Also, boycott other Coke-owned products. 3) Do not buy food, drinks, or NFL attire if you attend NFL, NBA, or MLB games. Sneak your own food and drinks onto flights with airlines on this list. 4) Buy personal care items, vitamins, etc from good online retailers instead of from our boycotted grocery stores. 5) Use open-source software instead of Microsoft software. 6) Feel free to liberally demand refunds, discounts, and return products bought from these left-wing companies. 7) Buy through Dillards if you insist on buying woke clothing company products.



4) Call and email them, take their surveys, and write reviews to let them know that you do not support their left-wing agendas! Hound them to support good causes. Also, tell them to stop advertising through the Marxist media, and to instead advertise with the good media outlets. Report inside information dirt that you may have about woke companies to James O'Keefe, Robby Starbuck, and good media outlets.



5) Where applicable, exercise your right to do nothing and eat popcorn when you see their stores being looted and destroyed by BLM and ANTIFA (the brownshirts of the democrat party) -- Don't call the police! In most states, mere failure to report a crime isn't a crime in itself. However, take note that there are some exceptions. Don't feel sorry for these woke companies. Most of these companies have cheered on and/or financed the mobs that continue to loot and ransack their stores, and through advertising dollars, they continue to financially support the 'Marxist media' that lovingly cheers on the riots. These companies are essentially vandalizing our democracy.



6) Lawyer up and file a lawsuit when a woke company discriminates against you based on D.I.E. ('Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity' -- AKA race-over-merit). It can be very lucrative! A fired white Starbucks employee won $25.6 million. YouTube was sued for discriminating against whites and Asians. Progressive Insurance was sued for having a discriminatory race-based grant program. Best Buy was sued by a fired employee who exposed a manager's ban on Christian symbols at the workplace. This law firm specializes in fighting wokeism.



7) Let us know if we're missing a large, regional, or sizeable online company that fits our boycott criteria to be on this ever-growing list. Provide article links if possible. Understand how to research companies for wokeness. Also, let us know about any good companies. Your feedback helps.



8) Post a link to this strictly non-commercial site from your website, blog, or social media page. It is helpful if the words 'boycott woke companies' is the hyperlink. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you also post links to the archived pages [1, 2] in the event that our host's server is down. Also follow us on Gab (best choice), Truth Social, and GETTR.



9) Sell individual left-wing company stock that you may own, or if you continue to hold shares, then at least vote against all leftist board members, voice opposition at shareholder meetings, and spread the word on social media to other shareholders.



10) Invest in equally-weighted broad market index funds such as ticker symbol RSP (S&P 500 index), and ticker symbol EUSA (large and mid-caps) in order to minimize support for the biggest left-wing tech companies. While far from perfect, you can also invest in the American Conservative Values index fund (ticker symbol ACVF) and MAGA (companies that support GOP). Never put a lot of your eggs in one company 'basket', however, you might also consider investing a tiny bit in individual stocks listed on our good companies page under 'investing'.



11) Huge opportunities await entrepreneurs who can capitalize on patriotic consumers who are fed up with wokeness. Specialty online retail is ripe for the taking (beauty products, personal care, toys, clothing, etc).