Frequently asked questions regarding our boycott page


Q. How am I supposed to boycott all of these companies? How am I supposed to boycott, for example, Microsoft and Apple? I need to use a computer!

A. Reread the instructions on this page where it says 'What can you do to resist'? There are many things you can do to resist. It is true that in some categories, woke companies are unavoidable. But, you can still avoid the "Worst" in-category companies that we have selectively and purposefully decided to pick off. Picking off just one company creates a chilling effect for other companies to take note of. Therefore, when you hear about nationwide boycotts (such as Bud Light), be sure to pile on for maximum impact!


Q. How can I determine if I should support [name any company]?

A. You can very easily do your own research. Here are some helpful instructions.


Q. How can I get my company listed on this site as a 'Good' company?

A. First, make sure you don't violate our boycott criteria. When we recommend 'good' companies, we recommend ones that have competitive prices and have online stores with large enough selections of everyday consumer products that people will actually want to shop with them. We tend to avoid cluttering the site with obscure niche product companies and websites.


Q. I found a broken link. Where can I find the page?

A. Let us know. For now, you can try searching on to see if somebody saved the page. Note that sometimes is not working. Moving forward, we will also provide screenshots of articles.

Note that you can click here to see if any website is just temporarily down. We post archived links so that propaganda websites (like CNN, NBC, USA Today, etc) don't get extra clicks.


Q. Love the site. Can I donate money or give you guys a gift?

A. Absolutely not. Not even Joe and Hunter Biden-style influence peddling! We are strictly a non-commercial site. We do not accept donations, solicit fees, generate ad revenue, or any other type of revenue through or as a result of this website in any manner, shape, or form. If you want to help out, then provide us with research into bad and good companies according to our criteria. Again, here are some helpful instructions on how to research companies.


The search engines have shadow-banned this site. So, please provide a link on your website or social media page to this site with the key words 'boycott woke companies'.


Q. Your webdesign sucks. Can I redesign your site?

A. It's a basic informational site, so who cares? Many popular news aggregator sites are also bare-bones sites, but they serve their purpose just fine. If you have better ideas then it had better be in HTML and CSS + a little jQuery otherwise our webmaster's head will explode.


Q. Why do you stoop to doing boycotts? It's unAmerican.

A. This attitude is why conservatives lose. Democrats play dirty, while conservatives blow kisses. Being passive will achieve nothing. We have no choice but to fight back. Andrew Torba says that we must create our own economy.


Q. Do you have an email list from which to send out newsletters?

No. Follow us on Gab, Truth Social, and Gettr. Check our news page once in a while.


Q. Why don't you have a list of universities, newspapers, magazines, and celebrities to boycott?

Because they're virtually all woke and everyone knows it.


Q. Why don't you develop an app of companies to boycott?

1) It would immediately get banned from all of the app stores. 2) It would be costly. We have zero budget. 3) Anyone with a cellphone can launch a browser to search for keywords on our main page, similar to how an app would function.


Q. What do you think of the website ?

A. Click here for a detailed response.


Comment: Thanks for providing your 'boycott list'. Now I know which companies to support. Ha! Ha!

A. Who are you kidding? You already shop with these big companies.



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