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What are your conflicts of interest? ANSWER: was developed by a small team of freedom-loving people. This is a strictly non-commercial, nonpartisan (ha ha!), news, and educational website. We do not accept donations, solicit fees, generate ad revenue or any other type of revenue from this site in any manner. If you want to help out, then provide research, alert us to needed corrections, etc. We try to respond to as many emails as possible, but sometimes we're just too busy. Sorry, in advance.


Can I suggest a company to boycott, or good company to suppport? Yes. But please see our company criteria. You can also help by researching such companies in advance.


You wrote something that is incorrect. How can we fix this? If you find something on this website that is factually incorrect (not opinion!) or needs updating or clarification then please let us know.


Where are you located? The Banana Republic of California. California actually has the largest constituency of Republicans of any state. One of the few positives about California is that the law here does not take kindly to frivolous libel lawsuits. Just ask Barbara Streisand. ; )


How can you be contacted for a media interview? We respond to press inquiries in writing only.


How can I determine if I should support [name any company]? ANSWER. You can very easily do your own research. See our helpful instructions.


I'm a deranged democrat from a lawless blue city with BLM/ANTIFA riots/arson/looting, a neutered/demoralized police department, dismantled justice system, high taxes, endless COVID lockdowns, thousands of drug addicted homeless people living and s--tting on our sidewalks and I've now become triggered by this site! I want to tell you how much I hate Trump and how everyone and everything is racist! ANSWER: Nobody around here gives a flying s--t.