Organizations to avoid


fist tribal bord newsg 2nd Anti-Defamation League - (See our detailed review of the ADL) - Rabidly anti-free speech, anti-conservative, mouthpiece of the DNC.

fist tribal bord newsg 2nd ACLU - (See our detailed review of the ACLU ) - Race-mongers, fighting for illegal immigrants, anti-Police, anti-Tucker Carlson, fighting for tranny rights, etc.

fist tribal bord newsg 2ndAARP - Another far-left-wing organization that is falsely and laughably touted as "nonpartisan". AARP checks all of the boycott boxes: Supports gun control, Obama Care, race-mongers, pushes climate change, LBGTQ tribalism, and more immigration. Cheerleaders of Facebook censorship. Dem donors by over 10 to 1. Instead join AMAC.

fist tribal bord newsg StopHatefForProfit - Stop Trump, censorship, race-mongering, etc. The Anti-Defamation League owns the trademark for "Stop Hate For Profit".

fist tribal Big Brothers Big Sisters - Has devolved into 'woke' left-wing organization pushing CRT. This organization is very dangerous because they have access to at-risk children. [1, 2, 3, 4]

fist tribal bord alert-1 The Salvation Army - (See our detailed review of the SA) - Race-mongering, wants "racial reconciliation", taught critical race theory in their "Study Guide on RACISM", donations clearly favor democrats. LBGTQ tribalism. Pro-open-borders in Europe.

fist USAA - $50 Million "Commitment to Advance Racial Equality". Instead join AMAC.

fist United Way - Teaching critical race theory, urging white people to "cede power to people of color."

fist newsg Girl Scouts - A very dangerous SJW organization that is trying to indoctrinate young girls, while contradicting themselves every step of the way. Infected by Democrat politics: Girl Scouts capitulated to the Democrat mob when they took down a tweet congratulating Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The self-censoring women running Girl Scouts are absolutely ignorant and cowardly -- not courageous and confident, as they purport to build such character in young girls. Girl Scouts also supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter [1, 2], and wants equality (AKA socialism). Girl Scouts laughably says that they do "not have a position on police reform", while paradoxically lovingly supporting the violent, lawless group that wants to abolish the police.

alert-1 Boys & Girls Clubs of America - Opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill.

fist alert-1 League of Conservative Voters - A perfect example of leftists changing language to try to fool people. This far-left liberal group donates exclusively to Democrats ($5.19 million to zero from 2018 - 2020), and pushes the usual race-card BS, climate change nonsense, etc.

fist alert-1 Lincoln Project - Falsely claims to be run by Republicans. The Lincoln Project staged the vile tiki torch stunt at a Glen Youngkin rally. The Lincoln Project also spent $300,000 against Youngkin (R) and favoring McAuliffe (D). By supporting McAuliffe, the Lincoln Project inherently supports critical race theory. The National Republican Senatorial Committee called The Lincoln Project a “scam PAC” and accused its members of “lining their own pockets.”

alert-1 SAG-AFTRA - Far-left-wing political union. Wants to discipline / expel Trump.

fist tribal newsg Pulitzer Prize - An award for predominantly liberal journalism and propaganda. Giving out prizes for fake news stories about Russian collusion -- They have never revoked these awards. Gave an award to the teen who recorded the George Floyd incident.

2nd Consumer Federation of America - Anti-NRA.

2nd League of Women Voters of the U.S. - Anti-NRA group. Remember, organizations claiming to be just women's organizations are always Democrat women's organizations.

alert-1 The Ford Foundation - Opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill.

alert-1 The Ad Council - CEO Lisa Sherman of this non-profit signed a petition started by the not-so-nonpartisan group Civic Alliance.

amer Freedom Forum Institute - A left-wing organization pretending to stand for free speech. FFI laughably gave Susan Wojcicki, of the censorship platform YouTube, a "Free Expression" award. How Orwellian can you get!

edrmur Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award - Leftists patting each other on the back. Useless award for left-wing propagandists like Lester Holt.

alert-1 The Center for Tech and Civil Life - Funded by Mark Zuckerberg to advocate for left-wing voting policies and increasing voter turnout in Democrat areas.

alert-1 Scripps Research Translational Institute - Founder and director, Eric Topol campaigned to stop approving the COVID vaccine before the 2016 election. [1, 2]

fist Yale School of Medicine - Allowed Dr. Aruna Khilanani to "lecture" on campus at the Child Study Center, making a racist rant about killing white people, etc. Yale later refused to denounce Khilanani's hate speech.

fist New York Board of Health - Doing nothing about Dr. Aruna Khilanani.

tribal The American Kennel Club - Against NC's bathroom bill.

fist The National Bar Association Young Lawyers Division - Perfectly OK with attorneys Collinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, who tossed a Molotov cocktail into a police vehicle.

fist Goodwill - Race-mongering.

amer The American Jewish Congress - Wants to make "exceptions" to the First Amendment in order to shut Gab down. 

newsg - Never trust a Democrat not-for profit (NFP). There's always an agenda. Read our review of this group.

fist bord alert-1 2nd - Another self-descrbed "non-partisan" site that cheerleads for Democrats and liberal causes.

fist tribal American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) fellows program award - Wokeness before science and merit: Decided to scrap their science award when they discovered that all of the nominees were white and male.

fist tribal Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Wokeness before science and merit: When their glaceologist, Helen Fricker served as a panelist for the American Geophysical Union, she said that she thought it was “kind of a bit of a showstopper for me” that all of the nominees were white and male.

amer Center for Countering Digital Hate - Wants to shut down speech that challenges the refuted theory that humans are causing the planet to warm up.

amer Institute for Strategic Dialogue - to shut down speech that challenges the refuted theory that humans are causing the planet to warm up.

fist Agave Community Health and Wellness - The founder, Dr. Cadey Harrel called white men "the single greatest domestic terrorist group in this country".

Make A Wish Foundation - Requiring kids to get vaccinated before getting their wish, despite World Health Organization saying kids should not get vaccinated, and despite the remote risk of COVID to kids.

American Association of Pediatrics - In cahoots with the teacher's union. Advises that everyone older than age 2 should wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, when schools reopen in the fall.