How liberals perform linguistic gymnastics in order to distort the truth


In George Orwell's book 1984, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength. Similarly, liberals are famous for their Orwellian tactic of controlling language in order to shape perception. Here are a few examples:


Their deceptive language What they really mean and/or truth
Women's March Democrat women's anti-Trump march
People's March Democrat's anti-Trump march
Climate denier Assumes that they are right, the debate is over and the science is settled
We are guided by science We are guided by politics
Climate action The word 'action' falsely implies that humans can actually affect earth's climate
Progressive Repressive, regressive
Diversity Race quotas, not merit-based. Discriminating based on skin pigmentation (usually anti-caucasian), gender (anti-men), sexual orientation (anti-straight), etc.
Inclusive Socialism, exclusive, dividing people into categories, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-Trump
Equity Discrimination based on skin pigmentation, socialism
Unity Shut up and let us Democrats get what we want
Unhinged, divisive, causing chaos, mentally unstable, etc. Smears that they use to describe anyone who disagrees with their views, policies, etc
Immigrants Illegal immigrants
Anti-fascist Pro-fascist
Anti-racist Anti-white
Build back better Burn the system down, roll out socialism
Unity over division Falsely casts Republicans as hostile and Democrats as peaceful. "Unity" to them conveniently means everyone surrendering to their radical plans.
Truth over lies Just say the opposite of what is reality. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.
A nation divided Democrats create division, then conquer
Disinformation, Misinformation Any speech that contradicts their propaganda
Medical misinformation Any truthful facts/studies or opinions that contradict the medical establishment's mandates/views regarding masks, lockdowns, asymptomatic spread, etc.
Conspiracy theory Smear term for any account of an event or circumstance that they disagree with
Comprehensive Meaningless gibberish that sounds good
Employment Development Department Welfare Program
Uncle Tom Any black who doesn't fall in line with the Democrats
Believe women Guilty until proven innocent (unless a Democrat is accused)
Gun reform Repeal the 2nd Amendment through incremental bans
Nazi, dictator, fascist, etc Names they call anyone who disagrees with them
Hate speech Smear of conservative speech or any speech that they disagree with
Hate speech Facts
Threat to our democracy Threat to democrat party
White supremacist Smear of any Republican
Living unsheltered, unhoused resident Vagrant, homeless
Xenophobic, Islamophobic No borders, no country
Me Too Movement The democrat party
The soul of our nation is at stake The survival of the democrat party is at stake
Protesters, mostly peaceful protesters Term used to downplay Democrats, ANTIFA, and/or BLM behaving badly, rioting, vandalising, looting
Action civics, civic engagement, project-based civics, Civics Learning Act of 2021 Leftist student brownshirts protesting, intimidating, and rioting
Rioters, mob, white supremacists An attempt to smear all conservatives who protest
Capitol Hill Insurrection Vastly peaceful Republican protest
Left-leaning Rioters, vandals, looters, ANTIFA, BLM
People of color Pandering, dog-whistle term to generate votes. We have no idea how this term is not racist, but 'colored people' is racist.
Alt-right, far-right, extremist Smear of any middle-of-the-road Republicans or Trump supporters who don't adhere to Democrat groupthink
Assault weapon (AR-15) A name that scares liberals, yet hunting rifles are more powerful
Sedition, abuse of power, obstruction of congress Show me the man (Trump) and I'll show you the crime
Get out the vote, Rock the vote People who aren't motivated to vote usually vote (D). People who push these slogans are trying to get more (D) votes.
Back on the world stage Globalism, socialism
Trump is coddling dictators Trump is trying to negotiate peace
Trump's tax cuts benefit the wealthy Trump's tax cuts benefit those who pay the most in taxes
The border challenge The border crisis
Reimagine policing, reimagine public safety Defund the police
Return to Jim Crow GOP is making voting more secure, preventing voter fraud
Expand voter access Make it easier to vote without an ID -- AKA encourage fraud
Voter suppression Election security measures to prevent fraud
For the People Act, Voting Rights Bill Strip states of their ability to implement basic election integrity safeguards. Preserve voting system deficiency.
Existential threat An actual conspiracy theory
Fact Opinion
Conservative, Jennifer Rubin Liberal, Jennifer Rubin