Aside from the obvious propaganda outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NY Times, Wash Post, etc, here are perhaps less obvious left-wing mouthpieces:


fist tribal bord edrmur NPR - Left-wing propaganda funded by taxpayers. Example of the types of executives who run NPR. Example, example, example, example, example, example.

fist tribal bord edrmur PBS - Left-wing propaganda funded by taxpayers. Example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, etc.

fist tribal bord edrmur Business Insider - Left-wing propaganda presented as "business news". Anti-Trump bias. Cheerleaders for BLM, pride, gun control, illegal immigration. Smearing Gab. Spreading global warming hysteria.

alert-1 New England Journal of Medicine - The once respected medical journal has become infected by left-wing politics. NEJOM called for Trump to be voted out.

newsg Forbes - Despite being listed as a "right-center bias" site by MediaBiasFactCheck, Forbes showed their true colors when they deleted Michael Shellenberger piece that debunked climate change alarmism. Forbes deleted an article by an education expert who says that forcing children to wear masks causes psychological trauma. Forbes Magazine compiled a list of companies that hire former Trump administration officials in order to encourage people to boycott those companies until they're fired.

newsg Market Watch - Virtually all writers are 'woke' never-Trumpers based in blue cities like NYC, Los Angeles, etc. Site is click bait hysteria anyway -- Like the National Enquirer of "business news" sites. Instead buy, hold and rebalance index funds, and ignore the day to day news, as Peter Lynch recommends.

fist alert-1 Discovery Channel - CEO, David Zaslav joined other leftists in opposition of Georgia's much needed voting reforms via the not so nonpartisan group Civic Alliance. Global warming propaganda. Anti-Trump propaganda directed by leftist, Steven Spielberg.

fist alert-1 ESPN - Taking left-wing political stands instead of just doing sports. ESPN Sport Center covered the Derek Chauvin verdict live, showing the Floyd family reaction. Pushing systemic racism in NFL. Hires people like Maria Taylor to meet race quota. Triggered by the American flag. Over 80% owned by the far-left-wing Walt Disney Company.

alert-1 HBO - No longer a movie channel, but a democrat party propaganda channel. All hosts, including John Oliver, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are lefties. Owned by the left-wing ViacomCBS.

alert-1 ShowTime - No longer a movie channel, but a democrat party propaganda channel. Sh--Time. Owned by the left-wing ViacomCBS.

alert-1 Comedy Central - No longer comedy -- Now "Democrat Central". Owned by the left-wing ViacomCBS.

alert-1 NatGeo - Air propaganda shows with one-sided global warming agendas, virtue signaling shows, has shows designed to persuade viewers to reject the death penalty. Aired a show about North Korea, in which they portrayed Trump trying to negotiate peace with Kim Jong-un as a bad thing (AKA "coddling a dictator"). Honored leftists such as Greta Thunberg, race-monger Amanda Gorman, and Parkland anti-gun activist Emma Gonazalez for "women's history month". Attacked Trump in their vaccine documentary. 73% owned by the left-wing Walt Disney Company.

tribal alert-1 QVC - Dropped Ivanka Trump products from its website.

newsg HSN - Dropped My Pillow because Mike Lindell supports Trump.

newsg The Shopping Channel - Dropped My Pillow because Mike Lindell supports Trump.

newsg Shop HQ - Stopped selling My Pillow products because CEO Mike Lindell questioned the integrity of the 2020 election.

newsg AP - Associated press is a left-wing media outlet that has a policy of capitalizing the word "black" but not the word "white" when referring to racial groups. When Yahoo reposts AP stories, that's when you know that AP is left-wing.

Bleacher Report - Left-Wing Politics Report.

SB Nation - Left-Wing Politics Nation.

TheScore - The Left-Wing Politics.

fist Scientific American - Turning science into shameless left-wing politics. Prime example: Racist dog whistle article essentially calling for violence in order to "fix systemic racism".

alert-1 Lancet Medical Journal - Endorsed an anti-hydroxychloroquine 'study' that wasn't peer reviewed, then later retracted their endorsement. It reasons that the people at Lancet must be either incompetent or willfully deceptive. One can't help but wonder if this blunder was purposeful to hurt Trump -- which if true, would have been at the expense of lives. Lancet also refused to publish any argument that the virus came from the Wuhan lab. In January 2021, 14 global experts had their letter rejected by the leftist Lancet editor.

Reuters - Left-wing propaganda. Example.

newsg DrudgeReport - If you haven't gotten the memo by now, this once centrist news link site has collapsed into just another left-wing propaganda site no different than CNN or MSNBC. Matt Drudge is a Trump-hating lefty. Instead use, or

fist newsg Yahoo Sports / Finance (also under Verizon) - Mouthpiece of the far-left. Their 'news' articles are obvious far-left-wing propaganda, but so are their sports and finance articles. In advance of the 2020 election, Yahoo removed the comment section below their propaganda articles so that readers cannot fact check them or voice dissenting opinions. Use TheLibertyDaily, CitizenFreePress, for news aggregator sites. Use 4conservative or for general searches. Use this list for individual news sites.