We recommend Schwab for investing


Disclaimer: This is a 100% unsolicited recommendation. We don't make any money directly or indirectly from this recommendation. This is strictly a non-commercial, educational website.


We like Charles Schwab because they have a stellar employee /PAC donation records, in this otherwise 'woke' financial services industry.


Set up a Charles Schwab self-directed investing account. Charles Schwab also offers managed accounts.


The best thing about Charles Schwab is that they use two-factor authentication to log on to your online account. First you enter both your user name and password (your browser should remember them)...




Then on the next page, you enter a randomly generated 6 digit code from your authentication key. This code on your security token changes every few minutes but is synchronized with Schwab.




One downside about Schwab is that they have partnered with Trump-hating, Democrat party-aligned, JP Morgan Chase to essentially use as their (your) bank. For this reason, we recommend that you limit your business with Schwab to just investing via a Schwab BROKERAGE account. In order to limit exposure to JP Morgan Chase, do NOT open a checking account with Schwab until they get rid of JP Morgan Chase.



If you have a Charles Schwab brokerage (and/or checking) account, then tell them to STOP using JP Morgan Chase!