(including Whole Foods Market, AbeBooks, Zappos, Kindle, MGM Studios, Audible, Goodreads, IMDb, Kiva Systems (Amazon Robotics), Shopbop, Teachstreet, Goodsport, PillPack, Avalon Books, Ring, Twitch, Woot!)


These communists are our #1 boycott target!


THE BAD: is a clear and present threat to free speech. In a vile attack on free speech, Amazon kicked Parler off its AWS web hosting service. AWS also banned Gab. AWS kicked America's Frontline doctors off its hosting service for speaking out against the government’s irresponsible and damaging COVID responses.


CEO until 7/5/2021, Jeff Bezos owns the radical left-wing Washington Post and has resisted Trump's Muslim country immigration ban, putting our country at risk. Bezos is being replaced by Andy Jassy, who was CEO of Amazon's evil AWS web services that shut down Parler.


Amazon donated 10 million dollars to race-mongering groups, including to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter and the ACLU.


Amazon has banned products that may be deemed offensive to Muslims and LBGTQ people, such as the book "No Dress for Timmy". Amazon deplatformed Ryan Anderson and banned his book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement.” Amazon is actively removing scores of films from Amazon Prime without explanation. Amazon removed a Clarence Thomas documentary from its streaming service.


Amazon banned Washington Redskins merchandise.


Amazon employees and PAC's donated about 8 times more to Joe Biden than to Trump, and 10.39 million to democrats in 2020.


Amazon took full advantage of Draconian coronavirus lockdowns. Its profits went up 200% at the expense of small businesses, which were put out of business by lockdown tyrants such as California governor Gavin Newsom (D).


THE GOOD: has no redeeming qualities.


Karma strikes back: The very radical left who Amazon supports have looted and ransacked at least one of their trucks during the George Floyd riots. ANTIFA has targeted Whole Foods Market for destruction.



Amazon should be declared a monopoly and broken up. Don't count on that as long as Democrats control the House, Senate, and Whitehouse.


Cancel your Prime membership if you have one. Stop supporting Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Zappos shoes, and all of their other companies.


Beware that some companies such as, deal with 3rd party vendor(s) who may use Amazon to drop ship some products. A reader reports to us that they received an order via NewEgg that was shipped in Amazon packaging and had an Amazon packing slip. Apparently, Hangzhao Liaison Interactive, a Chinese technology company, acquired a 56% stake in NewEgg.




Amazon has so many categories of products, that we will instead refer you to our "good companies" page for help on where to shop.



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