About the Southern Poverty Law Center


AKA the "Soviet Poverty Lie Center"




The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is described as a far-left extremist political organization that is backed by the money of George Soros. Its main function is to smear, slander and denounce all conservative, Christian, pro-family, pro-white, and pro-life groups and politicians.


The SPLC has also been described as a "a hate group in its own right".


The SPLC has become a left-wing, money-grabbing, slander machine.


There are 12 ways the radical Southern Poverty Law Center is a scam to profit off of hate-mongering. In typical liberal fashion, the SPLC uses language to obscure what they do by describing themselves as "hate-free philanthropy". The SPLC has been accused (2) of being an “anti-Christian, anti-conservative” organization. The SPLC frequently targets conservatives. The SPLC has been accused of unfairly labeling people and groups with conservative viewpoints as bigots.


Senator Tom Cotton calls the SPLC a political hate group.


Josh Goldstein calls the SPLC a "hate group".


Great Replacement: Mark Potok, a 'senior fellow' at the SPLC, had a paper on his wall tracking white demographic decline...




The radical Souther Poverty Law Center parrots media/democrat party hatred of conservative media, Donald Trump, and anyone who supports him, all under the guise of defending 'democracy'. Here is an excerpt from one of their propaganda articles entitled "The Year in Hate & Extremism Report 2021"....




The SPLC smeared Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters as “a favored candidate of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other admirers of fascism.”


The far-left-wing company PayPal works with the Southern Poverty Law Center to help identify accounts to ban. They claim to be "fighting extremism and hate" in the financial system. They never defined what constitutes "extremism and hate". Translation: They want to shut down conservative speech. They will not shut down Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA hate speech.


The far-left-wing company JP Morgan Chase donated 1 million dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


The far-left-wing company Apple donated $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Chi-Fil-A donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Dating site, Bumble donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


A terrorist used a Southern Poverty Law Center "hate-map" to select the Christian non-profit Family Research Council (FRC). 9 years after the mass murder attempt, the SPLC kept the Family Research Council on their "hate-map".


Just about EVERYONE is racist, including Mom's For Liberty!


The SPLC has lost all credibility.



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