List of news and alt-tech sites that Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and the rest of Big Tech are trying to stop


NEWS FEED AGGREGATOR SITES - that aren't devoted to left-wing propaganda (like Google "news" or Yahoo "news")

h - 2,303 engagement ranking. Has the "look" of DrudgeReport but without the left-wing propaganda! Average of 8.8 million page views per day in 2022. 120% growth in 2022. 4.2 billion page views in 2023. The site is updated with new news article links more often than the other news aggregator sites on this list.

h - 16,944 engagement ranking. Has the "look" of DrudgeReport but without the left-wing propaganda!



h - 1,874 engagement ranking. Decentralized, and therefore vitually impossible to take down. Andrew Torba of Gab says "I have regularly expressed support for competing platforms that stand up and fight for free speech, Bitchute and Odysee are among them." The only downside is that Odysee uses BitTorrent technology. We're assuming that 'seeders' are required to share video content?

h - 26,776 engagement ranking. Also decentralized. The only downside is that uses BitTorrent technology. - Conveniently search by category. (owns - 683 engagement ranking. Gaining traction. Went public on 9/19/2022 - ticker symbol RUM. Built its own cloud service infrastructure so that it cannot be canceled by the censors at Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Rumble is not on the level of YouTube's censorship, but we're keeping a watchful eye on Rumble. Videos that get banned by YouTube are routinely posted on and remain on Rumble. Rumble rejected the UK Parliement's request to deplatform Russell Brand.

However, Andrew Torba describes Rumble as a "wolf in sheep's clothing". He points out that Rumble runs entirely on Google ads (one of the Big Tech tyrants). Rumble recently raised $10 million dollars from the same Silicon Valley investors who invested in another Big Tech tyrant, Facebook, although one Rumble investor is Peter Thiel, who supported Trump. Partners with Trump Media to deliver video and streaming for TRUTH Social. On the very same day that Donald Trump joined the platform, Rumble abruptly changed their terms of service to ban “antisemitism” and “hate speech” (that wonderfully ambiguous term). Rumble mysteriously has NO mention of bans on anti-White racism, anti-Hispanic racism, anti-Asian racism, etc. Just anti-Semitic content! When Odysee questioned Rumble's user visit duration time (in a Tweet), Rumble lawyers threatened Odysee's speech with "aggressive action" if Odysee didn't remove their Tweet. Accordingly, one has to question whether Rumble actually believes in free speech. In a free country, hate speech is free speech (otherwise Louis Farrakhan would have been arrested long ago). The first amendment was created to protect speech that people don't like. The Internet is not a University safe-space. At the moment Rumble's censorship is nowhere near as bad as YouTube. For example, they won't ban videos that question lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, or question the results of the 2020 election. Rumble recently terminated their business relationship with advertisers Unruly Group and Tremor International, after they tried to censor Dan Bongino. THE BOTTOM LINE: For now, if you're a video content creator then we recommend using multiple platforms, including Rumble. - 13,424 engagement ranking. - Doesn't seem to be gaining traction and it doesn't look like they spent much effort designing the site. Perhaps that will change. - 58,960 engagement ranking. Decentralized, resistant to censorship, no hidden algorithms, no ads. - 63,656 engagement ranking. - 152,908 engagement ranking. - We have removed BitChute from our "Good" alt-tech list. Bit Chute has decided to start censoring political content. We've also had reports of inexplicable channel blocking. We always had concerns with the fact that BitChute is based in the UK, where freedom of expression "may be subject to formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society." BitChute is also just plain problematic -- Too many issues with registering, uploading videos, etc. - Censorship! Onwned by a French conglomerate. We don't trust conglomerates or the French globalists!


ALTERNATIVES TO FAR-LEFT FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC - Use Gab as a Facebook-like alternative and Gettr as a Twitter-like platform.

h h h - 1,173 engagement ranking. Gab is the ONLY online platform that allows free speech and has fiercely resisted the left's attempts to censor and smear the site. We recommend that you join Gab! Gab is quickly approaching being in the top 1,000 of all websites on the Internet. Gab had 272 million visits during January of 2021. Gab gained around 600,000 new users in one day, on Sunday, January 10, 2021. As Gab continues to grow in engaagement ranking, the Marxist media and Big Tech will continue to smear the platform as a "safe-haven for Nazi's". Gab runs on its own servers, therefore it cannot be 'cancelled' by the Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft tyrants. New servers are being added to accomodate the new influx of traffic. Any computer user can use Gab. Gab refused demands by Google and Apple to censor speech. If you're a smart phone user, the Gab app is not found in any app store (because they banned Gab). However, if you go to, you can save the URL to your home screen, then it functions like an app.

TRUTH Social Network - Donald Trump's social media platform. 1 billion dollars in private investment. Smartphone app + web app that launched on 5/18/2022. Some are claiming to have been suspended (or banned?) because they posted something about the Jan. 6 committee hearings. These reports are lacking in details. What we do know is that this report comes from the far-left 'news' outlet Yahoo, so it could be fake news. Also, the so-called suspended account holders could have an agenda to smear the site. It is also possible that there is a logical explanation, such as being banned/suspended in error, due to a mole at the company, due to hacking, etc. We are keeping a close eye on this story. Either, way it is always best to diversify among social media accounts. Never put all of your social media 'eggs' in one basket. - 2,535 engagement ranking. Launched by Trump's former senior advisor Jason Miller on Sunday July 4, 2021. 4 million new users as of early January 2022. Based on Twitter's format. However, beware that Gettr hired a never-Trumper as their 'global communications director'. See her acting out her despise for an Indian reporter who praised Trump. Remember that Gab is the ONLY free speech platform. OK to use GETTR as a backup site in case Gab is ever down. That's about it.

PublicSq - Connecting freedom-loving Americans with local community, reliable information, and the businesses that share their values. Signed big advertising deal with Tucker Carlson on Musk's Twitter. - 3,399 engagement ranking. We recommend Gab instead. Minds has been oppressed by BigTech. Google sent Minds an ultimatum of censorship demands, or they would face removal from the Google App store. Sadly, Minds complied! The Minds App is also approved by Apple's App store, which tells you that censorship is alive and well at Minds. The author of this article believes that "Minds is a trap to lure conservative content creators to one site to die a slow death." Furthermore, there are too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share. OK to use Minds as a backup site in case Gab is ever down. That's about it. - 13,672 engagement ranking. We recommend Gab instead. There are too many social media platforms. This fractures Gab's share. Parler is no better than Minds when it comes to free speech. Parler has sold out to Big Tech's censorship demands. On 4/19/2021, it was announced that Apple will allow Parler back to the App Store, but under condition of moderating "hate speech and incitement". Background: On Sunday, January 10, 2021, Parler had been shut down by the Marxists at Web Services. We were hopeful that they would build their own servers and say no to the Big Tech censors. That appears to be off the table. Apple cannot be trusted ever. Speech should not be moderated. The best way to combat hateful speech is and always will be with more speech. Stick with Gab.

h - 73,230 engagement ranking. CloutHub seems to be committed to free speech. The site is just not gaining traction. We recommend Gab instead. There are too many social media platforms that fracture Gab's share.

Twitter - Different owner (Elon Musk), same censorship, same double standard.

USA.Life - 38,020 engagement ranking. Bans "offensive subject matter". We recommend Gab instead. There are too many social media platforms that fracture Gab's share. - Censorship! We're done with this site and its CEO! This post indicates that MeWe is censoring conservative speech just as Big Tech does. Here's another post claiming that MeWe is taking down all StopTheSteal content. The CEO of MeWe has openly said he doesn't want MeWe to be a right-wing echo chamber. He says "I don't like sites that are anything goes," and "I think they're disgusting." MeWe is hosted by Amazon AWS, the very same cloud hosting company that hosted Parler. Amazon shut Parler down but did not shut down MeWe. That says it all. Obviously Amazon is pleased with MeWe's commitment to censorship. In fact, MeWe's creator never set out to build a home for "unfettered speech". He merely wanted a platform focused on privacy. That's it! For confirmation, MeWe has a very broad terms of service agreement which states that you are not allowed to "post defamatory obscene, shocking, hateful, threatening or otherwise inappropriate content or airing personal grievances or disputes". This is the exact kind of broad language that Big Tech uses to censor conservative speech! Note that Gab has NO such speech restrictions.


CHAT FORUMS - 8,144 engagement ranking. -


MAJOR INDIVIDUAL NEWS SITES that aren't devoted to left-wing propaganda. Note that these sites are shunned by Big Tech. That's why you haven't heard of them! Instead Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and the rest of Big Tech gives you links to articles by left-wing outlets such as The Atlantic, The Guardian, USA Today, Yahoo News, Politico, etc. Sorry, we don't list small time news sites and blogs.

(Red text = High engagement ranking) - engagement ranking 34,570 - engagement ranking 23,959 - engagement ranking 122,783 - engagement ranking 43,856 - engagement ranking 50,979 - engagement ranking 83,387 - engagement ranking 1,479 - engagement ranking 59,098 - - engagement ranking 182,055 - engagement ranking 2,986

Donald J Trump, desk of - engagement ranking 635 - engagement ranking 16,200 - engagement ranking 28,760 - engagement ranking 65,298 - engagement ranking 783 - Site has obviously been shadow banned by Google. A search for "Pamela Geller" turns up radical-left-wing smear web pages. - - engagement ranking 135,711 - engagement ranking 2,246 - engagement ranking 15,112 - engagement ranking 30,879 - engagement ranking 9,221

The New American -

NewsBusters - - engagement ranking 40,769 - engagement ranking 36,751 (One America News Network) - engagement ranking 18,797 - engagement ranking 9,093 - Univeristy of Austin Marxists tried to blacklist this libertarian site. - engagement ranking 8,308

Right Side Broadcasting Network - Squishy! Canceled a pro-Trump reporter.

The Post Millennial - engagement ranking 18,534 (note that it's not .com) - engagement ranking 47,414 - engagement ranking 8,812 - engagement ranking 26,492 - Sometimes left-bias - engagement ranking 12,264 - engagement ranking 909 - engagement ranking 6,457


REMOVED from our list of recommended news sites:

rating-woke amer alert-1 bord - The firing of Tucker Carlson (the highest rated cable news show) exposed the true intentions of FOX News. Fox is run by neoconservative globalists who put ideology ahead of profits and free speech. The Murdoch family are democrats. Fox Corp individuals donated 10x more to Biden than to Trump in 2020. Candidly, Fox News is anti-Trump. Sometimes left bias [1, 2, 3]. Took government money to puff up the vaccines. Hired Bruce Jenner as contributor. Promoting child gender transition. FOX joined MSM in boycotting coverage of “2000 Mules”. Aired Mike Pence speech, but not Trump speech. Pushing DNC talking points about FBI's Trump raid. Laura Ingram turning against Trump. Published hit piece on Trump. Hannnity attacked Lauren Boebert for not voting for Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the house. According to eight sources, Fox keeps dirt on Tucker Carlson to keep him quiet. Tucker Carlson promoted bug burgers. Was Tucker ordered to cover this story? Faux News celebrated pride month. Faux News fired a long-time producer for calling Joe Biden a 'wannabe dictator' via a chiron (keep in mind that MSNBC, PBS, CNN, etc call Trump a dictator on a regular basis and nobody gets fired). Fox matches employee donations to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Fox News reporter moonlights as board member for a pro-UN refugee charity. BlackRock owns 15.1% of FOX News. Fox News fired Tucker Carlson shortly after Tucker did a scathing report on BlackRock. Cancelled Mike Lindell.

alert-1 - AKA the RINO Post. The NY Post has gone woke. The NY Post is squishy at best. Wrote a hit piece on Trump. Attacked Trump. Another huge hit piece on Trump. Hit piece. CNN loved it! More anti-Trump headlines.

alert-1 - Squishy! Anti-Trump propaganda.

fist amer bord alert-1 - Editorial board of RINO's. Underhanded hit-piece on Trump. Anti-Trump bias. Hit-piece on Tucker Carlson. Rupert Murdoch is chairman of News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal. That's the same company that fired Tucker Carlson. NewsCorp wants populism silenced until after the 2024 election. Hit piece on Proud Boys - Nothing on ANTIFA, move along. WSJ wants to welcome Gaza refugees. WSJ neocons triggered by Vivek Ramaswamy. Fear-mongering over a possible Trump presidency. Support for military industrial complex and war in Ukraine. Smearing Trump as 'pro-Putin' and helping to 'upend' the US. Hit piece on Elon Musk. Another hit piece on Elon Musk. Smeared Tucker Carlson as 'far right'.

amer alert-1 - Neocon outlet. Beware: Took government money to puff up the vaccines. NewsMax CEO applauded Biden's vaccine rollout. Bitte deine Papiere! Mandated their employees to get vaccinated by 1/4/2022. No unvaccinated employees at Christmas party. Subtle parroting of leftist narratives. Broadcast the sham Jan 6th hearings live. Banned Lara Logan.

bord - Editor outrageously called for America to take in Palestinian refugees.


NORMAL political social media commentators (smeared by the lefty media as 'extremists', 'far-eft', etc):

h PaulJosephWatson - Political commentary videos.

h StyxHexenhammer666 - Don't let the screenname fool you. Political commentary videos from a very normal guy.

h Lauren Southern - Political commentary videos.

h Mark Dice - Political commentary videos.


Browsers, Add-ons

h Brave browser - Imports your bookmarks, form field properties, passwords, etc. Be sure to change your homepage, so as not to use Brave's default homepage. Companies like Mozilla make money based on how many people download/use their software, such as FireFox. That is why we tell people to stop using Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Tusk browser - Tusk stands against censorship! Tusk is also working on developing a search engine. Unfortunately, their so-called 'center' search for 'climate change' produces a bunch of lefty propaganda.

GetColdTurkey - Block websites and apps of your choice

uBlock Orgin - Use to block ads, trackers, cookies, woke websites, etc.

Invidious - An open source alternative front-end to YouTube. It lets you load YouTube videos in a lightweight, open source, free software interface with no ads and without your browser loading Google trackers.



Tutanota - Email

ProtonMail - Email - The World Economic Forum (a group of globalists) wrote that the WEF "welcomes 100 innovative tech firms to its Technology Pioneers community", including Proton Mail. The article seems to suggest that companies like Proton 'joined' the Technnology Pioneers community ("By joining this community these emerging tech leaders can continue to show not only the impressive tech advancements within their firms but also how their companies are helping to build a better future for us all.”) UPDATE: A reader tells us that Proton says that they are "in no way associated with the World Economic Forum. From time to time, Proton is nominated for various awards given out by other parties, but this does not mean that we are in any way affiliated with them". However, this could be a non-denial denail because Proton did not specifically address whether they joined the Technnology Pioneers community.



ExpressVPN - Sponsor of Ben Shapiro and other hosts at The Daily Wire. When leftists smear ExpressVPN as 'sponsoring far-right extremism', that's a seal of approval. What are some of the things that leftists consider 'far-right extremism'? Ben Shapiro has called women who have abortions “baby killers,” he supports the death penalty, he downplayed the impact of climate change [OMG], and he said that “the Jews who vote for Obama are, by and large, Jews in name only.” Translation: ExpressVPN supports free speech.


EMAIL MARKETING - CRM and Marketing Automation to small businesses. Houston, TX-based.

MailerLite (owned by Vercom S.Aand) - Poland-based. Poland loves Trump.


FILE SHARING / Communications - 94,300 engagement ranking. File sharing


Search Engines

Coming soon! Give it time for companies (perhaps Gab?) to develop a search engine that doesn't shadow ban conservative sites, and features news links to centrist outlets. - Their "news" searches, while mixed, favor more centrist sites. - Has a lot of work to do. RH produces left-wing propaganda sites when searching for 'global warming'. Site does not look fancy and can be slow, but some search results are conservative. Unfortunately, it appears as though they may actually use Google search results, but they filter out much of the 'lefty' sites. - Fundraiser by the people from USA.Life are launching this one.

Bing - If you insist on using Google or Bing, then use Bing. Bing has less censorship. For example, Bing has not banned Infogalactic as Google has.

DuckDuckGo - A MiniMe of Google. Search for "Trump" under the "News" tab. Expect an outpouring of search resuls from left-wing sites like theGuardian, Politico, CNN, Newsweek, NYTimes, WashPost, etc. Democrat donors, they discriminate, they're pro-censorship, annd pushing climate change nonsense.

Brave Search - Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot recommend the Brave search engine as we do the Brave browser. Too many lefty results. Almost a mini-me of Google. Perhaps this will change in the future. Founder, Brendan Eich has made many donations to Republican, Tom McClintock, and was pushed out by the far-leftists at the dangerous Mozilla company for supporting We will keep an eye on the Brave search engine. Hopefully it's a work in progress.


Instant Messaging

Tor - For confidential communications. - Instant messaging. - Share text and images

Teleguard - Instant messaging. No meta data and no IP's are stored.

Telegram - Telegram sold out. Too much censorship. Russian-owned.



Debian -

Linux Mint -

Zorin OS -


OTHER - 25,657 engagement ranking. News and discussion forum. - Not propaganda like Wikipedia. - Not propaganda like Wikipedia. - Along with Infowars, this site was flagged as "propaganda" by the left-wing US News and World Report. - Info on global warming, immigration, guns control, etc. ( - Save snapshots of webpages. Useful in preventing Google, Yahoo, etc from penalizing your website for linking to conservative sites. Also helpful in preventing left-wing sites from getting clicks. If you run a website with links to external sites, using linked articles also prevents sites from seeing in their web stats that traffic is coming from your site. - Exposing mainstream media bias - Exposing mainstream media and social media bias - engagement ranking 16,111 - Conservative news satire - Push back against big tech and media.

Truth, Lies and Politics: Conservative blog

GiveSendGo - Fundraising

SubscribeStar - Fundraising

Anedot - Fundraising



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