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Everything is racist! The NAACP is a hyper-partisan, far-left-wing, race-mongering group that is squarely aligned with the democrat party on issue after issue after issue. Like so many 'nonpartisan' organizations that we cover, the NAACP is anything but.


In recent decades the NAACP has been torn by identity politics, liberalism, internal strife and plays a minor role in national affairs, but plays a major role in Democrat Party affairs.


Article - NAACP Vice President Michelle Leete says of anti-critical race theory protesters, "Let them die".


"The NAACP's decision to back the teachers' unions, who donate money to them, against charter schools that provide thousands of black children their only hope of a better life, means that the NAACP should no longer be considered part of the civil rights movement, but just another part of the race hustling racket" -- Thomas Sowell


The NAACP supports censorship of speech on Twitter. Just as freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength in the book 1984, according to the NAACP, first amendment protected free speech is 'dangerous' and 'highly destructive'. We note that the NAACP still has no qualms with Stacy Abrams (D), Hillary Clinton (D), or Al Gore (D) questioning their elections.




SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: Rather than denouncing the 7-month long 2020 BLM riots, which resulted in 1 - 2+ billion dollars in damage, 16,241 arrests, 23 people shot dead, 2,037 police officers injured, and 1 police officer killed, the NAACP cheered on and defended the movement as a 'peaceful protest'.





Meanwhile, the NAACP denounces Trump protests, and parrots democrat party lies about the vastly peaceful January 6th Capitol Hill protest, calling it an 'insurrection' of 'white supremacy'. FACT: Nobody has been charged with insurrection. The protesters peacefully walked in when the police let them in, then casually strolled around [1, 2].




The NAACP was upset that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not-guilty by all 12 jurors (including one black juror), they blamed racism for the trial results, and spread lies about the events that took place, falsely characterizing the protestors as 'peaceful'. In fact, Joseph Rosenbaum, an angry criminal who had just been released from a mental hospital, threatened to kill Rittenhouse, then later chased Rittenouse down (as seen on drone video footage), as Rittenouse ran for his life. Rittenhouse was then further chased down, hit with a running kick to the head, and struck with a skateboard by the angry mob of violent 'protestors' who were yelling "Get him", "Get that dude", "Get his ass". All of the attackers who were shot by Rittenhouse were white. Rittenhouse was in Kenosha to protect businesses from being burnt down, as they had been the night before by the violent mob of so-called 'protestors' . But, facts don't matter to the NAACP.




BELOW: The NAACP posting a flat-out defamatory lie that Rittenhouse's attackers were peaceful.



PRO-CENSORSHIP: In lock-step with democrats and the democrat controlled media and Big Techâ„¢, the NAACP wants to ban their political opponents (Trump), and censor inconvenient facts and differing opinions, all under the Orwellian guise of 'protecting our democracy' and protecting 'lives'. Essentially, according to the NAACP, censorship is democracy.




The president and CEO of the 'nonpartisan' NAACP wants to keep Trump off of Twitter, and continue censorship of speech on Twitter.





The NAACP aligns with democrats in making it easier for people to cross the Southern border.





In lock-step with democrats, the NAACP is against overturning Roe VS Wade.




NAACP TWISTED LOGIC: If racist critical race theory is not taught in schools, then we are moving away from democracy (and parents have no say). In reality, to teach critical race theory in schools would move us closer to Nazi Germany.




PERVERSION OF REALITY: The NAACP president considers not teaching racist critical race theory to be 'indoctrination', and forcing critical race theory on children is a 'fundamental freedom'. Who knew!!!?




The NAACP was deafeningly silent when wealthy whites from ANTIFA traveled from out of state to burn down Atlanta, which is 48% black.


tribal In response to Florida's Parental Rights In Education law, and the banning of teaching hate-inspired critical race theory in schools, the NAACP issued a hillarious 'travel advisory', urging black people not to visit or move to Florida.


VACCINE HESITANCY IS RAAAAAACIST: The NAACP parrots vaccine propaganda. 'Vaccine hesitation, political violence, and white supremacy are rampant,' says the NAACP President and CEO.




VACCINE MISINFORMATION: The NAACP falsely Tweeted that the vaccines were not rushed. In reality, the vaccines were rushed out under 'Operation Warp Speed' under Emergency Use Authorization (not FDA-approved) and with no long-term safety data.




IN GOVERNMENT WE TRUST: The NAACP supports government vaccine propaganda and wants to ensure 'equitable vaccine distribution' AKA prioritizing 'people of color' to be used as guinea pigs to test an emergency-use (rushed) vaccine with no long-term safety data and suspicious short-term safety-data. Unfortunately, the NAACP puts blind trust in big brother government and ideology ahead of the black lives that it purports to protect.




WEAR A USELESS MASK! The NAACP parroted medical misinformation that masks help stop the spread of COVID. According to a wealth of studies (that the NAACP won't bother reporting on), not only do masks not work, but they may cause harm.




SHOCKING! The NAACP parrotted the idea of getting all 5 and over kids jabbed with an experimental vaccine with no long-term safety data. Only about 75 (and possibly even fewer) healthy children had died of COVID during the entire pandemic as of 6/2/2022! During this same time period, close to 9,000 children (0 - 19) died in car accidents. Perhaps the NAACP should recommend that all children of color avoid riding in cars.







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