Cut the cable! Stop supporting left-wing cable or dish providers, and stop supporting the legacy media propaganda networks that they bundle!




STEP 1: If you don't have a smart TV, buy Roku or a Roku TV so that you can watch YouTube videos and certain other content for free. You can pay for certain à la carte channels (such as AONN). Again, if you have a smart TV then you don't need to buy a Roku device.

STEP 2: Consider an antenna if you want to watch just local channels, which would be free. But first, you will need to find out what local channels you are likely to pick up with an antenna from your exact location. Note the type of antenna that may be required for each channel. Note that most local news channels also post the same news for free online. NOTE: You might want to consult with your neighbors to find out how which antennas actually work in your area.

STEP 3: Buy an antenna if you are happy with the local channels that an antenna will likely pick up. (ABT, Ace Hardware, MicroCenter, FleetFarm, Menards)

STEP 4: Otherwise, for for about $40 per month Sling TV should provide the local and/or national channels that you want to view. Keep in mind that with Sling TV's 'Blue' package you are paying for bundled propaganda networks (including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, etc). Reconsider paying for à la carte channels instead!


Or you could instead sign up for KlowdTV for less than $10 and get OAN, InfoWars, NewsMax, and some obscure channels.


Roku users save an average of over $70 each month over cable according to a recent survey. Furthermore, by cutting the cable, you can help to stop financially supporting left-wing propaganda networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and ESPN, which typically come bundled with cable packages.


Direct TV is owned by AT&T, one of the WORST companies in America.


Roku might make sense for you if you can use it in conjunction with a digital antenna, so that you can hopefully receive your basic local channels, including network affiliates for free. You may not be able to receive all of your local channels. Use this site to predict, based on your specific location, which channels you are likely to receive with an antenna. Then you can use Roku to pay for à la carte channels.


Note that if you have a smart TV or Roku TV, this eliminates the need for an external Roku device. Smart TVs and Roku TVs are more reliable than using an external Roku device. External Roku devices are a little bit buggy, sometimes needing to be unplugged and then powered back on.




Roku is a small hardware device (one time purchase of about $40) that connects to your TV. Buy one for each TV (that is not a smarat TV) that you use. After you physically connect the device, you go through a setup process. Instead of using a coaxial cable to receive the video signal, Roku connects wirelessly to your router, and so you will need to enter the network name and password to connet to your router. It will take some time not just to get Roku initially set up, but to customize (by adding or removing) the channels that you want to appear on your start menu, to order subscriptions, etc. Some channels, such as your local TV networks, must be searched for, then added to the start menu.




UPSIDE: Instead of being at the mercy of whatever show happens to be airing live, with Roku you can select a specific show, episode, or segment to watch.


UPSIDE: With Roku, many channels are free, but you will have to pay for a monthly subscription to the most popular channels, or at least the current episodes. Subscriptions are typically perhaps $5 per month. By paying à la carte for channels, you will still save over cable or dish.


DOWNSIDE: Unlike your old cable TV service, you can't quickly surf from channel to channel. To switch channels, you must click the 'home' button on your remote control, then select a different channel to view, then select a specific show or segment to view.


DOWNSIDE/UPSIDE: If you are not subscribing to a service such as Sling TV, typically, a commercial airs before each new on-demand program segment. This compares with cable TV, which has longer programming time followed by 3 minute commercial breaks.


UPSIDE/DOWNSIDE: Lots of news content (NewsMax, etc) is free, although if you want live streaming content then you must pay for monthly subscriptions. Lots of other content is free, in particular, old seasons of shows. For example, you can watch older on-demand episodes of various network programs without subscribing to anything. Examples: "American Greed", "Locked Up Abroad", etc.


UPSIDE: You can watch YouTube videos on Roku. Short (and skippable after 5 seconds) commercials may air, depending on whether the uploader chose to have ads play during the video. When you set up for viewing YouTube, you can use your existing YouTube account (along with your existing channel subscriptions) to help Roku provide recommended videos. Once to adjust to watching YouTube videos, you'll never want to go back to watching 3 minute commercials on regular TV.


DOWNSIDE: Or, using Roku, you can view your usual local news channels with the free 'Haystack News' service, and then add whatever channels you like, including local news from any city in the country. Local TV stations, including local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates usually are not available as a live stream without a paid subscription to Sling TV for about $35 per month. However, with a digital TV antenna, you may be able to receive these signals for free.


UPSIDE: Even if you decide to continue your cable subscription, with Roku you can watch episodes/seasons/shows on-demand, instead of being at the mercy of having to watch whatever happens to be airing live. Return your cable converter box, and the cost of the Roku box should be paid for within a year.


tr NOTE: Roku has a blog celebrating pride month. Roku also Tweeted about "Celebrate PrideMonth with our brand new 'Stream With Pride' home screen theme". However, beggars can't be choosers. Roku is vastly less offensive than Amazon (Firestick) and Google (Chromecast). If you can find a comparable product from a less woke company, let us know. Roku has no Tweets about diversity, equity and inclusion. Roku hasn't joined or voiced support for any left-wing causes.




Hardware: Do not use alternative products such as Amazon Fire Stick! Amazon is our #1 boycott target! We also boycott Google Chromecast, and Apple TV.


Live streaming: If you cannot receive live local channels (that you may want to watch) with an antenna, then we recommend Sling TV, which is merely the least offensive choice for live streaming. Please verify that Sling TV will indeed stream the channels that you want (Sling TV 'Blue' does not include the CBS propaganda network). Do NOT use Hulu, which is owned by Disney, one of the WORST companies in America. Do NOT use 'Direct TV Stream' either. Direct TV is owned by AT&T, another horrible company.



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