Review of Rock The Vote

('Freedom to Vote' campaign)


Yet another 'non-partisan' organization fighting hard for democrats




Rock The Vote is essentially a ballot harvesting and partisan democrat party propaganda operation that laughably self-promotes as 'non-partisan' -- No, they're not physical collecting ballots, but they're trying to arouse people to vote (Same effect). If only we had a dollar for every organization (Civic Alliance, NAACP, National Urban League, Sierra Club, Rotary Club, etc) that claims to be 'non-partisan'. It doesn't take but a few seconds of searching their Twitter posts to figure out that Rock The Vote is in lock-step with democrats on every issue, every talking point, and every lie.


Even before searching Rock The Vote Twitter posts we already knew that this was nothing more than a ballot-harvesting organization strategically aimed at getting more young people to vote. Why? Because disinterested citizens, especially the young demographic, usually vote democrat when pushed to vote. It's a net gain for democrats. They know it and we know it. Rock The Vote could also predominantly partner with or target specific cities and states, specific audiences, specific sports teams in blue cities, left-wing company partners, etc in order to drum up specifically more democrat votes.


BELOW: Here's confirmation. RockTheVote celebrated the idea that young democrat voters prevented a red wave.



Rock The Vote parrots black lives matter propaganda with endless love for armed robber George Floyd, with anti-police rhetoric, and with the false notion that there are 'two justice systems in America, one for Black America, and one for White America.' In reality, there is a one-tier justice system. If you commit a crime, regardless of your race, you should be brought to justice. If you commit a crime, you do not get a get-out-of-jail-free card because of the pigmentation of your skin.


Free speech is raaaaacist: Rock The Vote retweeted an ABC propaganda article that argued that disinformation targets 'people of color'. And ABC is selectively triggered by disinformation that hurts democrats. We need to censor those pesky conservatives! Protected speech is a 'return to Jim Crow'.


Rock The Vote hates Trump. Rock the Vote filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump August 27, 2020.


It's no surprise that the President/Executive Director at Rock the Vote, Carolyn DeWitt has full-on Trump derangement symdrome. Just read her temper tantrum of Twitter posts about Trump. And, she regurgitates every other left-wing talking point on guns, immigration, face masks, race-mongering, she's pro-censorship of social media, etc. On Twitter she lists herself as residing in Baltimore. In Baltimore county 87.3% voted for Biden and only 10.7% voted for Trump. These rabidly blue coastal cites are out of touch with the rest of America, and that is perfectly reflected in Carolyn DeWitt and her organization.


Rock The Vote parrots all of the DNC's hysterical lies about January 6th, by falsely calling it an 'insurrection', an act of 'treason', and saying that 'those who participated are traitors to the United States of America.' Republicans bad! Orangeman bad!




BELOW: Notice how Rock The Vote stuck a Confederate flag in the picture in order to equate Trump voters as being white supremacists and klansmen. They also pervert language, as leftists always do, by hysterically talking about 'our democracy'.



BELOW: Rock The Vote is selectively concerned that Trump supporters are running for office.



SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: Yet, Rock The Vote is in complete support of the black lives matter riots that caused 2 billion dollars in damage, with 624 arsons, 97 police vehicles burned, 2,385 looting incidents, 16,241 arrests, 2,037 police officers injured, 1 retired policeman killed, etc. According to Rock The Vote, the 5 months of BLM riots were mere 'protests' and they were honorable.


Rock The Vote sides with grooming children in schools. Notice how Rock The Vote again understands that it is the young demographic who is on their side.


BELOW: Using DNC language, Rock The Vote referred to the Parental Rights In Education bill by the inflammatory 'Don't Say Gay' title.



Rock The Vote cheers on more immigration.




In lock-step with democrats, Rock The Vote is against guns.


In lock-step with democrats, Rock the Vote parrots climate change nonsense and uses the usual deceptive leftist buzzwords like 'climate action' and 'climate crisis' and 'climate justice' (because weather is racist).





Rock The Vote parrots the false notion that masks work to stop COVID.




MANUFACTURED OUTRAGE: Using DNC deception, Rock The Vote falsely cast Trump's partial Muslim country ban as a 'Muslim ban'. Rock The Vote had nothing to say when Obama did the same thing.




WE HATE LOVE CENSORSHIP: Ironically, Rock The Vote started out in the early MTV days, promoting the message that censorship of music is Un-American. Those days are long gone. Nowadays, they are in favor of censorship! They want more Internet censorship (of conservatives and conservative speech) to support democrat party political messaging. Meanwhile, Rock The Vote has no interest in 'misinformation' about Trump (Spygate, Russia Russia Russia, The Charlottesville lie, the Insurrection Lie, etc).




It is no surprise to see a who's who of far-left-wing organizations that have partnered with Rock The Vote's Freedom to Vote campaign.


It is no surprise that the founder of Rock The Vote, Jeff Ayeroff is a loyal democrat donor.


And finally, it's no surprise that Rock The Vote is based in the far-left-wing city of Washington, DC.


Companies and groups that have shamelessly partnered with Rock The Vote and/or their Freedom to Vote campaign include:

Cox Communications

Cricket Wireless



Foot Locker (includes Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Footaction, and Eastbay)

Gap Inc. (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix, Janie and Jack, and Hill City brands)





Yum! (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, The Habit, and Zumiez)




Warner Media

Tommy Hilfiger

Kate Spade



Keneth Cole

The Golden State Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers

Philadelphia Eagles

National Women’s Soccer League Players Association (including some of those anti-American Olympic kneelers)

Major League Soccer Players Association

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