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Google (owned by Alphabet) is a highly racist company that does not believe in free speech. We have a fundamental human right to discuss political, medical, and social issues in our society. Google (owned by Alphabet) is a clear and present threat to free speech and Democracy. Google is no longer an objective source of information, and the tech giant is actively censoring what we see. [1]


Google was recognized as 2023’s "WORST censor, having engaged in alarming election-interfering censorship".


41 times Google has interferred in US elections.


Google is a politically biased company that is known for manipulating its search engine results to favor its far-left-wing agenda. Google manipulates elections.


According to Zach Vorhies, a Google whistleblower, Google rewrote its algorithms for news searches in order to negatively impact Donald Trump.


Google meddled in the 2024 Presidential Election by hiding Donald Trump's campaign website. Google continued to shadow ban Trump's campaign website. Google continued to hide Trump's website.




Google doubled down on censorship: In advance of the 2024 election, Google expanded its censorship of those conveniently vague terms “misinformation,” “hate speech,” and “toxicity.”


A recent Google search for 'news' turned up only 4 conservative/neutral online news sites (Fox News, NY Post, Epoch Times, WSJ) in the first 10 pages. That's 4 out of 134 results! Completely left out were AmGreatness, Breitbart, DailyCaller, DailyWire, TheFederalist, TheGatewayPundit, NationalReview, NewsMax, Oann, PJMedia, RedState, Townhall, WashingtonExaminer, WashingtonTimes, WesternJournal, Wnd, and many others.


Along with Wikipedia, Google covers-up for Big Pharma, suppresses alternative medicine and buries inconvenient facts.


Google completely banned InfoGalactic. Using Google to search for 'Infogalactic and Encyclopedia' turns up no actual links to the site. Instead, Google provides links to sites like RationalWiki, which smear Infogalactic as 'alt-right', and Wired, which smear InfoGalactic as 'alt-right' and 'tailored to various conservative factions'.


Election Interference: Google shadow-banned 'presidential campaign websites' except Joe Biden's website and past democrat challenger's websites.


Google’s biased search algorithm sways millions of votes in favor of democrats.


August 2022 - Google Play store banned the Truth Social app over 'insufficient' moderation policies (AKA censorship).


Google quickly changed its definition of 'bloodbath' to NOT include economic context after Donald Trump used the word in an economic context. This was done to make Orangeman bad.


Google owns YouTube, which similarly is known for effectively censoring conservative speech through its search algorithm, as well as demonetizing or banning conservative creators and their videos.


Political censorship: YouTube removed 8,000 channels that challenged the results of the 2020 election.


Political censorship: YouTube demonetizes and bans videos that quote Hillary Clinton hypocritically questioning the results of the 2016 election as ‘Harmful And Dangerous’. YouTube also gave an uploader a strike for posting the video.


Political censorship: YouTube suspended Rightside Broadcasting for airing Trump's 6/26/2021 rally in Ohio, and removed the news site’s videos of Trump’s rallies.


Political censorship: YouTube removed Donald Trump's Faith and Freedom speech.




Political censorship: YouTube removed a Nelk podcast video interview with Donald Trump.


Political censorship: YouTube censored Viktor Shokin video responding to Joe Biden’s lies.


Political censorship: Without explanation, YouTube has given conservative, Louder with Crowder two strikes. One more and he's permanently banned.


Political censorship: YouTube and Google have shadow banned Col Douglas MacGregor's YouTube channel.


Political censorship: YouTube demonetized Russell Brand because of mere allegations against Russell Brand. (Rumble did not)


Vaccine censorship: Google Surveys banned any questioning of the safety of the COVID vaccines.


Vaccine censorship: YouTube removed over 500,000 videos discussing COVID-19 under the false guise of posing "a serious risk of egregious harm".


Comedy censorship: YouTube removed Theo Von's podcast.


Censorship: YouTube censors Jordan Peterson and Daughter via lack of search autofill [1, 2]


ARTICLE: Fact checking YouTube's false claims of 'COVID Misinformation'.


YouTube removed a video of RFK Jr. and Jordan Peterson, citing unspecified 'vaccine misinformation'. "We removed a video from the Jordan Peterson channel for violating YouTube’s general vaccine misinformation policy, which prohibits content that alleges that vaccines cause chronic side effects, outside of rare side effects that are recognized by health authorities." So, according to YouTube, the vaccines are safe and nobody can challenge this. The debate is over and The Science™ is settled.


YouTube banned Oliver Stone's documentary Ukraine on Fire, because it shows graphic imagery. At the same time, YouTube allows CNN to show graphic imagery of dead bodies.


YouTube says “Our policies don’t allow content that claims hydroxychloroquine and/or Ivermectin are effective to treat or prevent Covid-19" even though studies show that they do work. YouTube also does not allow any video that "claims that masks don’t work to prevent the spread of the virus” even though studies show that masks do not work.


YouTube then banned all anti-vaccine content -- not just COVID-19-related content. YouTube bans "content that falsely alleges that approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects" despite the fact that as Sept 13, 2021, there had been 14,701 deaths following vaccination, all according to the CDC's own VAERS. Many more have experienced chronic health effects. Since the vaccines have never be long-term tested, we don't know what other chronic health effects may develop in the years to come.


YouTube banned and removed the channel of Dr. Joseph Mercola.




When YouTube removes content, they refuse to identify what specific content offends them. Instead they will just conveniently say "it violates our medical misinformation policy" because they cannot win a fact-based discussion.


YouTube banned and removed the channel of Dan Bongino.


YouTube banned a Stanford MD Professor for pointing out the fact that there are no randomized studies that show that masks protect children from COVID.


YouTube banned the "Let's Go Brandon" song.


In search results for 'George Floyd riots', Google shadow-bans webpages about 'riots', instead producing webpage results that refer to the unrest as merely 'protests'.


Conversely, Google manipulates searches for 'January 6th protest' by instead producing mostly search results that refer to the event as a 'riot' and 'insurrection'.


YouTube suspended Steven Crowder's account under the false but convenient charge of "hate speech".


YouTube removed John Ondrasik's music video that criticized Joe Biden's troop exit from Afghanistan.


Rand Paul left YouTube because of their censorship.


YouTube removes truthful infomation that doesn't fall in line with government groupthink, then falsely claims "medical misinformation". Content creators receive a generic message that provides no specific reason for the removal.




YouTube removes videos that contain discussion about YouTube's censorship.




YouTube removed 'Sound of Freedom' related movie reviews and interviews.


YouTube also reportedly removed dislikes for liberal videos, such as 2.5 million dislikes from Joe Biden videos.


YouTube wants to know the race, gender identity, and sexual orientation of all users in order to make YouTube 'more inclusive'. This allows YouTube to know who to favor/discriminate against in search results. Be sure to list yourself as a black, non-gender conforming illegal immigrant to improve your channel's search results!


Finally, YouTube decided to just flat out get rid of the dislike count feature entirely, all in order to protect the left-wing media, the Biden regime, Big Pharma, etc. Google claimed that this was done to "better protect our creators from harassment, and reduce dislike attacks". Nobody is believing this story of theirs.




Google banned Kyle Rittenhouse shirts...


But, Google approves of ANTIFA shirts...




Google shadow bans (demotes) the centrist encyclopedia site, InfoGalactic, even when the word "Infogalactic" is one of the search words. Instead, Google puts the left-wing propaganda encyclopedia Wikipedia at the top of search results.




Google shadow bans (demotes) the conservative credit card company, Coign.


Google employees openly hate Trump. It was no surprise when video surfaced showing distraught, demoralized Google employees at a large company meeting reacting to Trump's 2016 victory. Parent company, Alphabet's CFO, Ruth Porat said of Trump's win, "It did feel like a ton of bricks dropped on my chest." Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin said that he found Trump's victory "deeply offensive". Ironically, Brin and his family escaped discrimination in the former Soviet Union, only to grow up to run an authoritative, Soviet-style company in Google that filters speech.


Project Veritas exposed an employee admitting that Google / YouTube censors and controls speech.


Search engines like Google manipulate elections.


YouTube manipulates opinions and voting preferences.


Google fired conservative engineer, James Damore for writing a memo about Google's bias.


In a brazen attack on free speech, Google removed the Parler App from the Google Play store when President Trump opened an account.


Google also banned Gab from their Play Store.


Google is training employees that listening to Ben Shapiro leads to genocide.


Google Nest stopped advertising on Breitbart after pressure from the far-left-wing Sleeping Giants.


YouTube chose two drag queens to host their Streamy Awards.


YouTube suspended Ben Stein's account.


YouTube 'fact-checks' videos that challenge anthropogenic global warming, as if the debate is over and the science is settled.


Google "News" cherry picks search results to favor liberal outlets such as the NY Times, Wash Post, Huff Post, LA Times, etc. Google uses the left-wing mouthpiece, Snopes to "fact check".


Employees and PAC's donated a whopping 3.66 million dollars to Joe Biden!!! 80% of company PAC funds have gone to Democrats, while only 7% to Republicans.


Google's CEO was a member of the Democratic Victory Task Force.


Google created a 4 million dollar "crisis fund" to resist Trump's immigration ban.


Search for "Trump" then click news. Most if not all the results will be from leftist outlets.


Google shadow bans this site. As of 10/29/2021, this site doesn't appear in a Google search for "boycott woke companies" until the 9th result on page 3. Meanwhile the same search on Bing lists this site as the 2nd search result.


Google opposes North Carolina's common sense bathroom bill, whereby all public bathrooms and locker rooms are single-sex facilities. Men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room. Sexual identity is based on biology, as stated on one’s birth certificate.


More Orwellian censorship: Google and YouTube prohibit 'climate deniers' from monetizing their content on its platforms through ads or creator payments, all in order to reinforce the refuted theory that humans are causing the planet to warm up.


Google demonetizes videos that deny that there is a climate crisis.


Google has baned listings of guns and related products from Google Shopping since 2012.


RACISM: Google promoting specifically black-owned businesses...



Google has a woke, racist, anti-white AI tool called Gemini. As an example, this is their idea of a 1943 German soldier...




According to Google, it's racist to create images of white people....




But, Google is ready and willing to create images of black people...




Google Gemini refuses to produce images of "white friends having fun", a "happy white couple" or a "sucessful white man", instead giving you a racist lecture. But, Google Gemini will gladly produce images of "black friends having fun", a "happy black couple" or a "sucessful black man". Use instead.


If you ask Google Gemini to create and image of a "typical feminist", it refuses and instead gives you a lecture...




Google Gemini has all sorts of opinion labels and smears about Tucker Carlson...




Yet, Google Gemini has nothing bad to say about radical-left-wing meida personality, Joy Reid. In fact, she is 'prominent'.




Google Gemini refuses to produce images of people in jail. Use instead.


Gmail censors conservative emails. Google censors your Gmail inbox.


Google requires employees to get vaccinated.


Google pushes debate-is-over science-is-settled climate change nonsense.


From a pure business perspective, Google puts political ideology ahead of profits.


“Every word of every email sent through Gmail and every click made on a Chrome browser is permanently recorded by the company.”

-- Gawker



Alphabet/Google has no redeeming qualities.



Eliminate use of Google, Google News, Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Chrome, Fitbit, Nest, DoubleClick, Looker, Waze.


Never click Google ads! Instead, manually type in the address of the advertised site that you are wanting to visit.





1. Instead of Google, use, or Yandex for less biased searches. Keep informed about new search engines being launched. Just about all of the other popular search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc) manipulate their search engine results to favor their left-wing agendas. If you insist on using one of the top search engines, Bing is slightly less biased than Google.


2. Use and instead of Google "News". Use this list for individual news sites.


3. Instead of YouTube, use , , and


4. Instead of Google Chrome, use the Brave browser.


5. Alternatives to GMail:

ProtonMail - Email

Tutanota - Email


6. Advertise your business with Gab and other platforms.


7. Use LittleSnitch to block all Google domains.


8. Use instead of Google's woke Gemini app.



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