Best Buy is one of the easiest companies to boycott


(Rocketfish, Dynex, Insignia, Geek Squad, Twister cable, Lightning cables, Pt, Platinum, Modal)




Best Buy joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit, which aimed to ban Donald Trump from social media.


Best Buy cut off donations to Republicans who support Trump. Best Buy only donated a pathetic $15,142 to Trump in 2020 and $1,704 in 2016, so this was merely a symbolic attack on Trump with no teeth.


In 2020, Best Buy employees and PAC's donated twice as much to democrats compared to Republicans, including more than 4 times as much to Joe Biden as to Donald Trump. Your purchases help get democrats elected.


Best Buy opposed Georgia Republican's much needed voting reform bill to require ID to vote, etc. Translation: Best Buy wants to help democrats win elections.


Best Buy's CEO signed an open letter in support of DACA.


OPENLY RACIST: Best Buy is spending $44 million on diversity, inclusion and community efforts. Best Buy actually has a "Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Talent Officer", AKA democrat/socialist race-monger.


Best Buy wants 1 of 3 new corporate hires to be "people of color", AKA choosing race over merit.


Best Buy has a 'management training program' that is NOT open to white employees.


ANTI-AMERICA: Best Buy supports the Council of American Islamic Relations, which funds Muslim terrorist groups.


Best Buy fired a whistleblower who went public after exposing the manager’s ban on Christian symbols at the workplace.


ANTI-2ND AMENDMENT AND RACIST: g Best Buy took sides against Kyle Rittenhouse, even after he was acquitted, saying that the verdict was a "difficult moment for our nation" and "challenging and deeply hurtful" and that we need to "do better" and we need "better outcomes".




Best Buy stores honor the the army, navy, air force, marines, and... the BIPOC/Rainbow flag.




Accordingly, consider it peotic justice when you see Best Buy stores being looted.


We're not aware of any messages to employees about the Waukesha massacre. Evidently it doesn't fit the company's left-wing political agenda.


Using tribalism to create the democrats' desired divide.


Joined the left-wing Civic Alliance.


No surprise: Best Buy is headquartered in the radical left-wing city of Minneapolis.



The very radical left who Best Buy lovingly supports, keep looting and ransacking their stores in democrat-run cities such as Chicago and Oakland.



Do not shop at Best Buy. Do not shop at Amazon, B&H Photo & Video, Adorama, Brad's Deals, New Egg, Abe's of Maine, or Full Compass either.




1. ABT (Glenview, IL)


2. Provantage - Appears to be apolitical. Computers, parts, supplies, housewares, etc.


3. MicroCenter - Appears to be apolitical. Computers and electronic devices. Based in Hilliard, OH.


4. hhgregg - Appears to be apolitical. Based in New Jersey.


5. Samy's Camera - Appears to be apolitical. Based in Los Angeles.


6. Electronic Express (Nashville, TN)


7. PC Richard (Long Island, NY)


8. As a last resort, shop at Headquartered in Midvale, Utah. Their CEO spewed the usual "diveristy, inclusion" talk, and other race-mongering after the BLM riots. However, Overstock is certainly not as offensive as Best Buy or Amazon. Overstock heavily favored donations to Republicans from 2006 to 2018, however, 2020 donations to either party were miniscuel.


9. Let us know of any other online consumer electronics retailers that are not woke.



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