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Boycott these racist, Soviet-style censors





Apple is a clear and present threat to free speech. Apple has monopoly power via their App store.


"[Apple has been] opposed to free speech for some time"

-- Elon Musk




In a vile attack on free speech, Apple removed the Parler App and the Gab App from their Apple App store. Apple censors Telegram and others.


Apple iTunes outrageously banned the song 'Justice For All' because it featured political prisoners from January 6th and Donald Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Apple banned it shortly after it become the #1 song on iTunes. Apples reinstated the song only after social media outrage.


Apple covers for China. Apple demanded that the video site, Odysee ban nearly two dozen search terms in order to get approval for the Apple App Store. Most of those search terms were related to COVID, including videos on the origins of COVID and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines, etc.


Apple is a threat to free speech. As of 11/29/2022, Apple had nearly stopped buying ads on Twitter. Apple may remove Twitter from the Apple App store. The executive who runs Apple's App store, Phil Schiller deleted his Twitter account after Elon Musk took over Twitter.


Run by unapologetic anti-Trump propagandist(s).


Apple employees and PAC's are HUGE Democrat donors! 7.55 million to Democrats in 2020! Only $548,610 went to Republicans.


Apple facilitates donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left-wing organization.


Apple supported the blatantly racist #BlackOutTuesday, all in support of the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Apple suspended the browse feature on its Apple Music platform. Users were unable to browse the music of their choice. Instead, they could only see a playlist of black artists. Ironically, Apple called this move an "act against racism and injustice of all kinds". You can't make this stuff up!


Race-based donations to the Thurgood Marshall Fund.


Apple and Apples CEO, Tim Cook (D) voiced opposition Georgia's and other state's much needed voting reform bills to eliminate fraud. Cook is also in favor of DACA.


Apple opposes North Carolina's common sense bathroom bill, whereby all public bathrooms and locker rooms are single-sex facilities. Men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room. Sexual identity is based on biology, as stated on one’s birth certificate.


Apple doesn't allow images of guns in gaming related screenshots in the Apple app store.


Apple canceled Kanye West.



Apple has no redeeming qualities.


The very radical left, who Apple supports, looted and ransacked their stores during the George Floyd riots. Their Santa Rosa, CA store was looted of 20K in merchandise on 11/26/2021. Migrants in France looted an Apple store in broad daylight on 6/30/2023. Apple store in Philly is robbed on 9/26/2023.



Avoid using Apple and Apple products and software whenever possible. Microsoft is just as bad.


Boycott Beats headphones.


Boycott Final Cut Pro video editing software


Boycott Logic Pro audio software


Boycott iPhone. (Android is owned by Google, who we boycott them too!)





1. Use Blackberry phones.


2. Use open source software and other software that is not owned by Apple or the BigTech Tyrants.


3. Any headphone brand besides Beats.


4. For audio editing, use FL Studio, Nuendo, or any other software not owned by Apple or BigTech.


5. For video editing, use Vegas or any other software not owned by Apple or BigTech.



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