All you need to know about the supposed 'nonpartisan' group that organized signatories to oppose Georgia's election integrity bill


The people behind the Civic Alliance curtain will never admit to it, but this much is obvious... Civic Alliance was clearly created to resist Donald Trump and Republicans.


Who is behind the effort to, among other things, get companies to oppose Georgia's sensible election integrity bill, which would require voters to have an ID to vote?


The short answer is democrats. Not requiring an ID makes it easier to commit fraud. Voter fraud is a net benefit for democrats.


The long answer is, a group run by Meteorite, LLC in partnership with the CAA Foundation and Democracy Works.


Meteorite, LLC was started by Steven Levine and Stephen Massey. From every indication, they have all the tell-tale signs of rabid democrats. Massey served as a White House National Security Fellow in the Clinton Administration, and according to Linked In, is listed as hailing from the radical-left city of Portland, Oregon. Co-founder Steven Levine is listed as being from the liberal city of Los Angeles. According to an interview with Forbes magazine, Levine was inspired to start Meteorite because of the mantra that 2020 was the "election of our lifetimes" and because of "an onslaught of real, credible threats to our democracy". Calling Trump a "threat to our democracy" was none other than the democrats' battle cry for the 2020 election. Whenever democrats say "threat to our democracy", they really mean a threat to the democrat party. Predictably, it's all about changing language in order to shape opinions.


Levine wants corporations to take "meaningful action", rather than "spout platitudes". We all know that conservative led companies are too afraid to speak out, for fear of inciting a backlash from the left-wing cancel culture mob. The vast, vast majority of companies that take "meaningful action" are led by left-wingers taking left-wing action. Levine clearly must understand this. And so, by making a seemingly nonpartisan call for all companies to take action, most if not all responses will come from left-wing companies, and of course they will then be praised by the media.


We also should note that, not surprisingly, Levine was very inspired by leftist protests for "racial justice". Democrats always use race for political gain.


So, who are these other groups that form this partnership?


CAA Foundation is a group that was started by a top Hollywood [roll eyes] talent agency called Creative Artists Agency, to create "social change" [roll eyes]. They are obsessed with climate change [roll eyes], they admire the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [roll eyes], they voice admiration of a CNN documentary [roll eyes] that involves Michelle Obama [roll eyes] and Meryl Streep [roll eyes]. The CAA Foundation says that they are about empowering women [roll eyes]. We know that women's movements are generally front groups for anti-Trump and anti-Republican activism.


CAA Foundation also has partnerships with schools and students. Always remember that grooming and indoctrination starts in school, and the earlier, the better. On their website, they have the words "Using pop culture for social good" draped over thank you letters from school children. You do the math.


Who runs CAA Foundation? Not surprisingly, their team includes....

An Executive Director who serves on the Board of the race-mongering, left-wing ACLU of Southern California.

An executive who once worked as a PR assistant for the far-left online magazine Slate.

A member who donated $500 to Hillary Clinton in 2007, and donated $1,500 to Barack Obama in 2011.

Next, we looked at Democracy Works, which claims to be a "nonpartisan" organization that is just trying to get more people to vote. This doesn't add up. Why would anyone be so invested in getting more people to vote, especially if this isn't expected to change vote percentages for one party or the other, as Civic Alliance would suggest by their 'nonpartisan' label? Founder, Seth Flaxman claims that he started the company because essentially he forgot to vote while in graduate school and needed a reminder system. LOL! Let's be real. It's a well-known fact that people who are not interested or not motivated to vote, when pushed to vote, usually vote democrat! 70% of people 18-29 years old vote democrat. 60% of Latinos vote democrat. That is why democrats are so devoted to "rocking the vote", to things like ballot harvesting, and allowing people to vote without an ID. The people at Democracy Works clearly understand this.


Seth Flaxman is also evidently obsessed with critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement. He penned an article called "Our Democracy Fails If We Don’t Protect Black Lives". He wrote, "For over 400 years, America has systematically and violently oppressed Black life". Again, democrats always use race for political gain.


Democracy Works was funded by the Knight Foundation, which is self-described as a "gathering of leaders in philanthropy, journalism [roll eyes] and technology [95% of tech companies donated to the Joe Biden campaign] working to strengthen local news [roll eyes], communities and democracy." We were unable to identify anybody from conservative news outlets who have ever spoken at their Knight Media Forum.


It should be noted that Democracy Works is based in Brooklyn, NY where Joe Biden claimed 72.6% of votes and Trump only received 25.94% of the vote.


The terms and conditions on indicate that they have an ownership or affiliation with, which has hosted events featuring left-wing journalist Jonathan Karl attacking President Trump and defending the left-wing press. Another event featured Valerie Jarrett, who among other things served as the senior advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, as well as co-chair of the Obama–Biden Transition Project.


And so, you see the consistent pattern: democrats for democrat causes.


In conclusion, democrats are famous for lying about their true intentions but always speak in an unmistakable code that is understood by anyone who knows politics. We're not fooled by their Orwellian slogans...


"Deep commitment to our democracy"

"100% in for Democracy"

"Serving voters"

"Powering elections"

"Building a better democracy"


The people at Civic Alliance are deeply committed to one thing: democrat party power. If Civic Alliance and their partners were actually interested in voting integrity, then they would be in favor of voters being required to provide an ID so as to prevent fraud. They are not! They want the opposite!


SELECTIVE OUTRAGE: Not surprisingly, Civic Alliance parroted the democrats' (and lefty media's) narrative that the January 6th protest was an "attack on our democracy" and "there is no doubt about the integrity of the 2020 election." Civic Alliance has been deafeningly silent about the months of violent protests following Trump's 2016 victory and endless/ baseless claims that Trump colluded with Russia to "hack the election". Civic Alliance states that "Any attempts to incite violence or otherwise thwart a peaceful transition in the coming days cannot be tolerated". Sounds like a perfect description of the democrat party's anti-Trump protests, but Civic Alliance is only interested in denouncing Republican protests.


And why didn't the so-called 'nonpartisan' Civic Alliance 'serve voters' when congress tried twice to impeach President Trump over ginned-up nonsense, thus undermining our fair elections and circumventing 'our democracy'? Civic Alliance was predictably missing in action.


As always, pay attention to what people do, not what they claim.




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