Black Lives Matter

(The radical, violent, lawless, anti-white, anti-semitic, Marxist group funded by Corporate America)


Article titled "BLM Inc is a Marxist organization" - Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of BLM, says "We are trained Marxists". BLM's founder loves being compared to communist China revolutionary, MAO.


Patrisse Cullors also cited her inspiration as convicted cop-killer, Assata Chakur, who is on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list.


Black Lives Matter wants to abolish the police and other "systems".



ABOVE: Note the perversion of language in how they equate

freeing criminals with 'love' and 'protecting one another'.


VIDEO - “Palestine is our generation’s South Africa…if we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project called Israel, we’re doomed." - Patrisse Cullors


4 days after the Hamas genocide attacks on Israel that killed 1,300+ Israelis, BLMLosAngeles posted their support for Palestine on Instagram...




BLM Chicago tweeted out a photo captioned "I stand with Palestine." BLM Washington D.C. retweeted anti-Israel statements.


BLM LosAngeles describes BLM as a 'radical black organization'.


Black Lives Matter Grassroots (which represents 26 BLM groups) voiced support for Palestine 2 days after the genocide attack on Israel.


Article - BLM co-founder lamented that the Communist Party in the U.S. has been “systemically destroyed and decimated”.


Article - Black Lives Matter praised Cuba’s “alternative model of social development based on the principles of equality and solidarity” while promoting an event the group co-hosted with Venceremos Brigade – an extreme communist front group founded in 1969 by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and run by the Cuban intelligence service. 


Article - Original BLM activist, Colin Kaepernick openly admits that he worked with “two of the most prominent black Marxists in the country” and he wrote in his race-mongering anthology that “Black liberation simply isn’t possible under capitalism.”


Report: BLM has been described as a terrorist group.


VIDEO: BLM leader in Chicago defends looting.


VIDEO - Ben Shapiro debunks the myth of systemic police racism.


VIDEO - Ben Shapiro debunks systemic racism.


There are countless examples of BLM activists committing acts of intimidation, violence, looting, rioting, etc. Here's just a few...


Their slogan is "No justice, no peace."


Article - Black Lives Matter protesters reportedly made mafia-style threats to business owners who did not comply with demands to hire 23% black employees, source 23% of business materials from black retailers, and donate 1.5% of sales to race-mongering groups such as BLM and the National Urban League (AKA a protection racket). Only if they complied would their business not be 'f***ed with' (AKA vandalized or burnt down).


The leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is accused of stealing 10 million dollars.


George Floyd riots: The most expensive riot/civil disorder in insurance history, causing 1 - 2 billion dollars in damage across 20 states from 5/25/2020 - 6/8/2020. 16,241 were arrested. 2,037 police officers were assaulted or injured. 1 police officer was killed.

Article - Black Lives Matter riots have caused over a BILLION dollars in damage.

Article - BLM leader threatened "riots, fire, bloodshed" in NYC if Mayor-elect Eric Adams gets tough on crime.

Article - “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally." -- BLM leader

Article - "We burn s-italic down" - BLM threatens patrons and employees inside Dallas restaurant.

Article - "If George Floyd's murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don't be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just sayin" - BLM activist issues warning on social media.

Article - “We want to go to places of white affluence so that the pain and outrage that we feel can be put right in their faces” -- Melina Abdullah, BLM leader, regarding the protests / riots in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood and the Fairfax District.

Video - BLM marches through Seattle residential neighborhood and demands that white people give up their homes.

Video - Mob of BLM harasses people dining at Pittsburgh restaurant.

Video - Mob of BLM harasses diners inside DC restaurant.

Video - Mob of BLM protesters harass diners at Louisville restaurant.

Video - BLM mob shut down Los Angeles Freeway.

Video - BLM mob shuts down Seattle freeway.

Video - BLM block DC freeway.

Video - BLM shut down quiet residential Minnesota street.

Video - Patrisse Cullors flat out lied, tearfully claiming that Candace Owens 'harrassed' her.

Article - Seattle BLM leader arrested for hate crime.

Article - Violent BLM teams up with ANTIFA to send man to hospital.


Article - A group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis were caught on camera telling a white liberal ally, “You’re white! You don’t belong!” before demanding that he leave the area.

Article - "Loot until justice is served".


Article - A board member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was fired for sharing an article that accurately described BLM as a “racist hate movement.”


Article - BLM has no interst in protesting police shooting white suspects. BLM gets offended over the phrase "All lives matter".


Article - BLM effectively declares solidarity with Hamas.


Video - BLM does not support the recall of radical Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.


Article - BLM co-founder calls for the end of Israel.


VIDEO - BLM activist justifies looting as a form of "reparations".


Article - BLM supports convicted child molestor Joseph Rosenbaum, who ran after and lunged at Kyle Rittenhouse, and grabbed his gun after having earlier said “If I catch you guys alone tonight, I’m going to f***ing kill you.”.


Article - Cofounder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Melina Abdullah called Larry Elder “the Black face of white supremacy."


Article - A BLM activist says that the Christmas Parade Massacre signals the start of "the revolution".


Article - BLM wants to boycott "white companies".


Article - BLM shows up at the home of a judge to intimidate her.


Article - BLM posts 100K bail for Quintez Brown, who allegedly attempted to assassinate mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.


Article - "Black Lives Matter Los Angeles literally advocated to cut the LAPD budget by over 90%, reducing the number of police officers to under 1,000 from a force of 9,700. That means 90% of the rapes, homicides, assaults, follow home and smash and grab robberies would simply not be investigated."


Black Lives Matter enjoys almost complete immunity from criticism.


Black Lives Matter was deafeningly silent when wealthy whites from ANTIFA traveled from out of state to burn down Atlanta, which is 48% black.


Black Lives Matter supporter goes on shooting rampage in Philly, killing five on 7/4/2023.


Black Lives Matter supports the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel that killed 750+, beheading children, and took children and women hostage.




Yet, these companies lovingly gave $83 billion dollars to the BLM movement.




Other organizations that called to overhaul and change policing and/or bail reform: The Equal Justice Initiative, the National Urban League, and Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. These organizations exist in complete denial of the fact that black men commit almost half of crimes even though they make up only 6% of the US population.



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